Activities for Day 23

1. Watch adorable guinea pigs in a live session - they're really cute!

Guinea pig live classes
Pic: Bucks Guinea Pig Talk/Facebook

We love the live streaming of lions, elephants and sharks, but sometimes it's time for the little guys - and these guinea pigs are super cute. Tune into watching these adorable creatures in action in a live guinea pig talk at 3pm today.


The talks are led by guinea pig expert, Simon Holding, who usually takes the animals around schools to teach kids about them. You may get to meet Snowflake, Marshmallow, Cromwell or some of the other guinea pigs that Simon has at home.

Guinea pig talks

You can watch all the previous talks on the Facebook page with fun facts about the fluffy creatures including the different types and their unique characteristics.

Make a guinea pig mask


Create this guinea pig mask - offers a free downloadable template you can print out and colour in. Cut around the outline and eyes, then thread through some string for your finished creation.

2. Try these smashing egg experiments with DadLab! No eggs? There's plenty more fun stuff...

DadLab Egg Experiments
Pic: TheDadLab/Facebook

Eggs, eggs - if you have any (non-chocolate ones) right now, it's time to play and discover fun science. Who better to lead the way than TheDadLab, who has a whole YouTube channel of really cool science experiments for kids. They're easy to recreate at home as they use household objects - and yet delight and fascinate.

More like this

If you've got a couple of eggs handy join in with these 5 different egg experiments. For example you can do egg dropping, egg standing, spinning eggshells and sink or swim...

egg experiment
Pic: TheDadLab/Facebook

Don't worry if you're short on eggs, The DadLab also has lots of other experiments for you to get stuck into, including:

Bubble snake dadlab experiment

We'd love to see your photos - tell us how you're getting on at

3. Send funny face messages to your family and friends

It’s an old game but hey, it’s a good one - our thanks to mum Sharon who shared this on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group (you'll need to join the group first).

Funny upside down faces
Pic: Family Lockdown Tips & Advice/Facebook

Your child lies down, you add googly eyes (or draw them) on to their chin, then film a video them upside down - and share their entertaining messages.

Funny faces messages

Find more ideas on Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas.

Send more messages: Make pen pals through L.O.L. Surprise

L.O.L. Surprise has launched a campaign to encourage children to set up pen pals.

LOL colouring postcards

You can choose from a whole range of activities to print out and colour and then send to your friend. Indeed, as part of its BBsBoredomBusters activity there are a huge number of L.O.L. printables including word searches, mazes and more.

LOL Surprise What's your LOL name