Not just mums who struggle with baby weight

Stresses of parenting can cause male health problems


A recent study has found that it’s not just mums who struggle with baby weight – British dads are putting on an average of 1 & 1/2 stone after having a baby! Researchers think takeaways, lack of time to exercise and the sleepless nights that come with a newborn are to blame.
The study, carried out by Benenden Healthcare and the Men’s Health Forum, aims to highlight the damage putting on weight and working too hard can do to dad’s hearts.
‘The modern dad’s health is suffering under the strain from diverging pressures such as work and family life,’ says Paul Keenan, from Benenden Heathcare. ‘Dad’s are taking shortcuts with their diets – leading to increased weight, a more sedentary lifestyle and eventually running the risk of health scares.’
The pressure of balancing work and hectic family life is also taking its toll on dad’s energy levels. 4 out of 10 say they are unable to do their share of the family chores because they are too exhausted – and 1 in 5 even admit to falling asleep while reading to their children! Dads say they often feel too tired to play with their children and find themselves snapping at their little ones because they are so overworked and undernourished.
Researchers are worried that dads don’t take their own health very seriously, with 46% of young adults asked saying their dad regularly makes jokes about having a big belly!
‘Men are facing an uphill struggle with their health when they become fathers,’ says Dr Ian Banks, President of the Men’s Health Forum. ‘You only live once – if you want to be around to see your kids grow up you need to stay healthy.’
We think it’s a good reason to make the man in your life put his feet up this Father’s Day!
What do you think? Does your little one’s dad take his health seriously?


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