One third of parents argue with friends over children

Study of parenting habits reveals 31% say kids cause conflict


When you become a parent it’s natural to feel protective of your precious bundle and struggle to keep a cool head, as confirmed by a new survey revealing nearly a third of parents have fought with friends over their children.


The poll, which asked 1,358 mums and dads of children under five years old about their parenting habits, found that 31% of respondents admitted their children were a cause of conflict.

Further investigation revealed that, of the parents who agreed they had argued, 37% said it was caused by a friend’s criticism of their parenting decisions, and 23% had fought over a friend’s decision to take their own child’s side in an argument between both of their children.

Other common provocations told to included a pal telling one of the respondents children off, or offending friends when they had expressed worries over one of their parenting decisions.

Reassuringly, although differing child-rearing techniques seem to frequently cause conflict in adult relationships, only 19% of respondents stopped talking to their friend altogether after such incidents, with 9% stating they swept the incident under the carpet and simply never spoke of it again.


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