Peppa is one popular pig, in 2010 she achieved record merchandising sales of £200m. But the lovable little farm animal, who wears a red dress and likes splashing in muddy puddles is not stopping there.


Move over X Factor, the Peppa will be the next big thing to hit the US after creators, Entertainment One agreed a deal with NickJnr to take the wholesome children's show stateside. She already has a following in 180 countries.

She even has a Bafta to her name- in 2005 Peppa Pig won a children's Bafta. Not bad considering she first hit our screens in 2004.

Since then the brand Peppa has seen toys, jigsaws, books, DVDs and clothing created in her image.

In March, Peppa will take to theatres around the UK for her live stage show tour, and Peppa Pig World is due to open at a theme park in Hampshire on April 9.

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The cartoon centres around a five-year-old half-talking, half-snorting pig, Peppa, and her family- younger brother George and parents Mummy Pig and Daddy pig.

So what is it about Peppa appeal that has made her a global success? Animation writer Alan Gilbey who has worked on Pinky and Perky says; "This is a contemporary family getting on with it. It reflects a family dynamic, and is done in a whimsical way. Parents are very happy to watch it, because there's an extra knowingness about it."

The loveable face of Peppa is also being used to spearhead charity campaigns. This month Asda will be helping to fund further research into pregnancy complications by selling Peppa Pig goodies in aid of baby charity Tommy’s.

Tommy’s fund renowned research into pregnancy problems and provides free information about pregnancy health to parents-to-be.

From the end of January through to February you can purchase cute Peppa and her little brother George, bag charms, costing £1.50 each and a special Peppa themed 'Bag for Life', priced £2.50, at your local Asda store. There will also be an in-store colouring competition. Donations and proceeds from the Peppa Pig bag-charm and bag for life will all go to Tommy’s, to help more babies have the best start in life.

For more information go to: Tommys.


A busy year indeed for Peppa Pig, and a success story that is not to be snorted at.