Practical tips for mums, from mums

Whether it’s online bargains, asking for help or simply making a list, we’ve got some great practical tips for mums


Hands-free baby

“Wear a sling – it makes a baby hands-free! I tried about 4 different ones and found the Carry Me Sling to be the best. It’s stretchy t-shirt material, so it just feels like part of you and doesn’t have any buckles – there’s no fiddling about.”


Jain, 41, mum to Reef, 9 months

Plan your budget

“Make sure you sit down with your other half to work out finances and budgets. New babies are expensive and two heads are better than one!”

Emma, 24, mum to Rebecca, 6 months

Super-mum snacks

“Always carry something to eat in your bag – distraction works wonders when you’re out and about. I always carry a banana, pack of raisins or a current bun!”

Katie Murphy, 32, mum to Ava, 2 and Nate, 9 weeks

Towels to the rescue

“Save up old towels and stock up on muslins if you don’t want your favourite jumpers ruined. Baby sick is more potent than you’d imagine!”

Rachel, 26, mum to George, 8 months

Charity shop bargains

“It’s lovely to have new things for your baby but, if you want to save a bit of money, have a look in charity shops for baby clothes. Some have barely been worn and are still in great condition – like the Gap dress I bought for just £1.50!”

Dannielle, 31, mum to Simone, 7 months and Adrian, 3

“New babies can be expensive, so always look on eBay and in charity shops for clothes and toys – it’s amazing what you’ll find!”

Rachel Fox, 24, mum to Frankie, 8 months

“As I have twins, and tummy time mats are quite expensive, I decided to buy two adult inflatable neck cushions from the pound shop instead. My little ones love them because they’re soft and, best of all, they really support tummy play. To make it even more interesting I put a mirror in front of them, which makes them giggle for ages.”

Kathryn Whyte, 30, from Liverpool, mum to Harry and Alfie, 9 months

Accept help, especially in the kitchen

“If people ask if there is anything they can do to help, gratefully accept and ask them to make single portion meals for the freezer, which can be heated in the oven. With a new baby, it’s easy to forget to feed yourself well as time is so short.”

Ros Day-Williams, mum to Charlie, 10 months

Support at bathtime

“Bathing my little boy has always been tricky as he wriggles around so much. I now use the Jahgoo Baby Bath Support (£12.99 from ) as the four suction cups cradle him perfectly.”

Alexandra Boardman, 26, from Stockport, 15 weeks pregnant and mum to Alfie, 3 and Sonny, 1

Endless lists

“Make lists, and lots of them! It’s easy to lose your head when you’ve got a new baby, with so much to think about. Making lists gives you an idea of the day ahead and helps priorities – and also makes you realise that it is doable.”

Rebecca Watson, 25, mum to Annie, 6 weeks

Lend from a friend

“Borrow larger items, such as baby chairs and door bouncers, from friends, as you use them for such a short amount of time that it is not necessary to have your own. And I would say that it’s not necessary to buy a moses basket: again, they are in them for literally a few weeks, so it might be worth putting them straight into a crib or a cot.”


Catherine De Maid, 30, mum to Jake, 17 weeks

Advanced preperation

“Make sure your partner has some meals prepared or defrosted ready for when you get home from the hospital – the last thing you’ll want to be doing is slaving away over a hot stove!”

Rosie, 26, mum to Peter, 3 and Amy, 6 months

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