Pregnancy safety on holiday

How to look after yourself and your bump if you're planning a break away


On holiday with your bump

“Can I get my bump out in the sun?”

As long as you drink lots of water, there’s no reason you can’t have time in the sun – in moderation. “The sun can’t hurt your baby through your bump but your skin burns more easily when you’re pregnant. Use sunblock, stay out of the midday sun and certainly don’t roast yourself!” says Dr Daghni Rajasingam of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. “Over-heating is bad for your unborn baby but it’s the temperature deep inside your body that matters, not heat on your skin. For that to soar you’d have to be exposed to extremely high temperatures.” Make sure you keep fluids topped up though, as sweating can dehydrate you.


“Can I use insect repellent?”

If you’ve been avoiding it so far, don’t put up with itchy bites any longer! “It’s fine to use insect repellent,” says Dr Rajasingam, “even those containing the chemical DEET as there’s no evidence they’re harmful. If you’d rather try something natural, go for lavender oil or citronella-based products.”

“Can I relax in the Jacuzzi?”

“If they’re not well chlorinated, Jacuzzis can contain high levels of bacteria,” warns Dr Rajasingam. “As you’re prone to vaginal infections when pregnant, avoid them.” Saunas are a complete no-no, they’re just too hot for you right now.”


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