Pregnant bridesmaids – would you have one at your wedding?

It shouldn't really matter should it? But for some brides it clearly does...


Recently, we shared a post on Facebook telling the story of a bridesmaid who’d been asked by the bride to stand down. The reason? The bridesmaid had revealed she’d be 6 months pregnant by the time of the wedding.


And while some of us were pretty ?, a couple of team members did wonder if they’d be totally happy with it.

With the shoe on the other foot, some of us also said we might be tempted to bow out if we were the pregnant one, as we’re not sure we’d fancy waddling down the aisle in a slinky dress after a few months of ‘eating for two’ ?

But what do you think? We put the question to our MFM mums on Facebook – and reactions were mixed…

“One of my bridesmaids was 8 months pregnant at my wedding. Beforehand a few people made some comments about it, things like ‘That’s a bit annoying’ and ‘Is she still going to be a bridesmaid?’

“It made absolutely no difference to me. In fact I thought it was lovely. I like looking back on the pictures and thinking that my friend’s unborn daughter was part of the day too in a way,” says Kathryn M.

Amy-Leigh W agrees: “My Maid of Honour was 5 months pregnant at my wedding and looked beautiful in her dress!

“Alterations were sorted a few days before the wedding and it didn’t stress me out at all. In fact I made arrangements for her dress to be altered before mine and I wanted her to feel special also.

“All I wanted was her to be by my side and the fact that her little girl was a part of it (in her tummy albeit) was also very special to me. This little girl will become my goddaughter in a couple of weeks and I love her as much as my best friend.

“I personally don’t get how being pregnant can ‘ruin’ a bride’s day. You’re the one in the big white dress, I think people get who you are.”

Meanwhile Ammi D had the same experience as the bridesmaid in the story we featured. “I was asked to be bridesmaid for my best friend, then I got pregnant and would be 37 weeks on her wedding day.

“She asked me to step down from being bridesmaid, and although I was really upset about it at the time, I get it now.

“It’s her day, she’s my best friend. I’ll be there to watch her marry the man she loves (who is also a very close friend) and to me, that’s what’s important.

“‘I’m not throwing away a 27-year friendship over a dress and some shoes.

“One of my bridesmaids was pregnant when I got married, and it didn’t bother me… but everyone is entitled to their own choices on their day.”

Cassie P says she wouldn’t want a pregnant bridesmaid: “A personal preference. But just because I don’t want a pregnant bridesmaid doesn’t mean I’m not a good enough friend. To be honest I’d rather my friend’s child be at my wedding properly.”

And Bethany U agrees it’s up the bride and her alone: “Erm – her day, her say and her money.

“It wouldn’t bother me but that’s MY day. No one else apart from my partner is really allowed a say.”

Loraine C, though, tops it for us. Loraine definitely took a bit of the spotlight off the happy couple on the Big Day with her pregnancy: “As matron of honour, I went into labour on my sister’s wedding day.” ? ? ?

What do you think?

Would you be miffed to have a pregnant bridesmaid – or would it make no difference at all? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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