There's nothing like a wedding to get everyone's spirits up, right? The dressing up, the sense of occasion... We love it all ?


But once you're a mum, and your children come to the big day, too, it can all get be a bit more fraught, can't it? Especially if your little one's taking part in the big day in some way.

So, we all felt for Kate just a teensy bit on Saturday when her sis Pippa married James Matthews in a gorgeous country-church ceremony.

Not only did she have to make sure her outfit was on point – as, let's face it, the whole WORLD would be watching – she also needed to make sure little George and Charlotte (looking adorable in their pageboy and bridesmaid outfits) behaved themselves. As well as all the other pageboys and bridesmaids, it seemed.

No chocolate down their fronts, no hairbands getting flushed down the loo just before the walk down the aisle (as happened to the 4-year-old bridesmaid of one of our MFM team). ?

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Yep, Kate was making that shhh face we all make at weddings when your children at getting restless and overexcited.


And, at one point, it looked as though little Charlotte might just have avoided a topple on a gravelly path...


One thing's for sure: kids and weddings are a complicated combo. It's lovely to have them there, of course, but there's always the possibility they'll cause havoc in the ceremony or decide to have a tantrum (or shout 'poo poo!' at the top of their lungs) just as the father of the bride is about to get to the emotional bit.

So, weddings just get a little more, erm, busy when you're a mum.

Such a special day isn't the same without them though, is it?

What do you think?

How do you find taking your little ones to weddings? Do you love it or do you find it stressful? Or maybe you've been told children aren't welcome – how did that make you feel?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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