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Join the Save the Children Press for Change campaign


Save the Children have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the scale of child mortality in developing countries and they’re appealing for 100,000 mums to show their support by pressing for change via a virtual thumb-print on their online petition.


Save the Children recently took three influential ‘mummy bloggers’ to Bangladesh to help highlight the fight to save children’s lives around the world. The @MummyTips blogger Sian To helped launch the campaign via her #blogladesh website, twitter and facebook accounts.

The aim is to get 100,00 mums to join the campaign to stop children dying from easily preventable diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea or malnutrition. The mummy bloggers will meet Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg before he leaves for a world leader’s summit in New York later this month, to deliver the campaign message.

Mummy blogger Sian says ‘We’ve learned so much from our trip. We’ve talked with mothers who are so sad from losing their children to illnesses like tummybugs that even I know how to treat with things in my first aid box at home. I cannot believe that in 2010 even a single life can be lost if we have the medicine and the knowledge that could stop that death from happening.’


If you would like to add your support for the campaign CLICK HERE

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