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Feather Down farms are based around the UK and offer a "glamping" experience for families. Accommodation varies, but in general you'll get a canvas tent with around 3 bedrooms: we had a room with a good solid (very comfy!) double bed, a cosy 'cupboard' room with a small double and bunk beds.

You'll get your own ensuite bathroom with flushing toilet and hot shower, living area with a sofa and stove and dining table that comfortably seats 6 and an outdoor fire pit, deckchairs and picnic table. Hot tub options are available if you fancy it.

What's it like?

Our cabin was set in a large field with a cabin on either side though a very good distance apart: we certainly didn't feel on top of our neighbours and there was plenty of room for our daughter to run around.

What can you do?

We were at Manor Park Farm in Alton. Our host had left us lots of info about the surrounding area. As we were there for just 3 days we stayed in the local area and did some beautiful walks to pubs, stopping for lunch and making the walk back.

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We also got taken on a tour of the farm - a real highlight - especially good if you go in time for lambing season.

Farm tour fun - watch the video

What are the facilities like?

There was no electricity in the cabin, but there was a charging station for phones and laptops. Of course there's no wifi but we had a good signal.

We made sure we loaded a USB stick up for movies in case of rainy afternoons (of which we had one). In the evenings everything was lit by lamplight which was beautiful.

I was surprised by how quickly I got the hang of cooking on the stove - though I did need my husband's help to get the fire going a couple of times...

The Feather Down experience - watch the video

What if I forget something?

At Manor Farm there was an honesty shop where you took what you wanted and wrote it down then paid at the end. They had a chest of frozen meals, basics like pasta and rice, tinned tomatoes and fresh bacon and sausages as well as candles, kindling etc.

They also had plenty of wellies and water bottles, puzzles and kids' books you could borrow for free.

In terms of food - you can order various hampers before you go and you'll get them delivered to you in a box with your name on and kept in the shared fridge. We found a breakfast hamper for 6 lasted us the 3 mornings we were there.


Walking up on a beautiful sunny morning and being right in the middle of a green field was amazing.

We were opposite the chicken coop and our daughter loved going to fetch fresh eggs from there.

Would you go again?

Unreservedly, yes. Just an hour out of London on the train, we were there for 3 days but it felt like a week away and my city-dwelling 5-year-old was in her element with the animals - so much so she's now decided she wants to be a farmer!

Even one rainy afternoon / evening didn't spoil our time: we just cosied up, got under the blankets and had a family movie while the rain splattered on our roof: that bit was actually pretty fun indeed.

How much does it cost?

A cabin that sleeps 5 people (3 adults and 2 kids) costs around £800 for a 3 night stay. Food boxes range from £20 for a fruit box to £40 for a breakfast hamper that feeds 6.

Where I can find out more?


For a full rundown of where you can stay at a Feather Down farm, prices and more, check out the dedicated website


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