Delicious cupcakes available
  • Where: Cupcake Spa, Parsons Green, London
  • Who went: Sophie Curtis, who is 19 weeks pregnant with her first child
  • Treatment: 'Cupcake in the Oven'
  • In a nutshell: Cupcake is a haven for mums and mums-to-be offering them range of activities and spa treatments as well as a community in which to connect with other mums.
  • Best for: Being child and baby bump friendly in a relaxing atmosphere. Also great for meeting new mum friends in classes including yoga, pilates and parent/ baby wellbeing.
  • Watch out for: Limited areas. All three Cupcakes are based in West London, which can be a pain for anyone living outside of London

Review: "Having recently moved out to the Essex coast, to Leigh-on-Sea with my husband and my growing bump, I have to be honest and say that travelling to London and across town to Parson’s Green on an early Saturday morning was not my ideal way to start the weekend. Commuting everyday and being pregnant is enough to warrant a lazy Saturday morning, however I was completely wrong to feel reluctant of the journey, as Cupcake was well making the effort.

"When I arrived at Cupcake, I was immediately impressed with how warm and welcoming the staff and facilities are. Everything has been fantastically well designed, with both mums and their children being considered at every stage. From the baby gates at the reception to the play room next to the café, you couldn’t ask for a safer environment for your little ones to enjoy. I also noticed the array of food and drink on offer in the café, with sandwiches, hot meals and coffees for mums and Ella’s Kitchen meals for little ones. Cupcake had really thought of everything.

"I quickly devoured a hot chocolate (chocolate is my craving!) whilst waiting for my massage and enjoyed watching mums making the most of the facilities and classes on offer at Cupcake whilst their children were entertained, either by their doting dads who automatically get full membership when their wife/partner has joined, or in the fantastic crèche. On my way up to the spa, I couldn’t help but notice how everyone had smiles on their faces – something which made me realise how mums and mums-to-be truly appreciate what Cupcake offers them.

"The spa is decorated in beautiful, opulent furnishings and has been made to feel like a place for adults to enjoy and completely relax. You would never know that within the same building there is a very lively crèche as well as a number of different exercise classes taking place.

"A full range of treatments are on offer at the Spa, from facials to manicures, to tanning and waxing, as well as the ‘Bootcamp’ range from Mamma Mio which is formulated to help mums get back their pre-baby bodies. With treatments designed for each trimester, the massage I had was the ‘Cupcake in the Oven’ which is absolutely ideal for complete rest and relaxation. I was made to lay on a warm water pillow, which was immediately calming, the oil used in my massage was not what I expected – it was pure and simple Olive Oil.

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"Although I was at the 16 week mark in my pregnancy, I was still feeling exhausted and was worried that I would nod off and miss the whole experience, however I forced myself to stay awake and enjoy every minute.

"Everything that Cupcake gives mums not only makes them feel part of a friendly and exciting community, it also offers them a place to be as active or as pampered as they like. With three branches now open, I'm hoping they'll decide to open one in Leigh-on-Sea!"


Price: Cupcake in the Oven massage - £70 for 1 hour. Friendliness of staff and the facilities on hand.