The baby names you didn’t love in 2012

Website reveals what names mums and dads are not opting for this year


In a year where traditional names gained popularity over the more ‘unusual’ choices of recent years, are you curious to find out not only the most popular names of 2012, but the unpopular ones too?


Well, wait no more, as have released a list of the least popular baby names on their website, based on how many people had viewed the moniker online.

Coming out on top (or should we say, bottom?) was the double-barrelled Gracie-Mai followed by the shortened May and an unusual spelling of a traditional name, Filip.

Of course, some parents would argue that these names are a great choice, given their child would stand a good chance of being totally unique in their school year. 

So if you wish to eschew the baby name trends of the year and endow your child with a more individual title, or if you are just curious to see what names are at the bottom of the heap (not our opinion, of course!) Read on for the 20 least popular names for 2012:

1.    Gracie-Mai
2.    May
3.    Filip
4.    Sheikh
5.    Fatma
6.    Davinia
7.    Adem
8.    Safah
9.    Truman
10.  Keely
11.  Fujiko
12.  Aniya
13.  Malak
14.  Alexi
15.  Adnan
16.  Miller
17.  Charlee
18.  Trent
19.  Siya
20.  Lizzie

Perhaps these names will provide Kate and Willswith some much needed inspiration for their impending bundle of Joy. Currently are offering odds on the rather pedestrian Charles at 10/1, George at 10/1, Elizabeth at 16/1 and Victoria 10/1. Wouldn’t it be just lovely to welcome a little Princess Keely or Prince Sheikh instead?


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