What is it?


The London Bridge Experience is 2000 years of gruesome history condensed into a live-action experience where guests walkthrough a recreation of old London. The London Tombs is even scarier than that. Find it in London Bridge, not far from the eponymous, Monument and Bank tube stations.

Best for:

9 – 12 / 12 +. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 11 are not allowed into the London Tombs sector of the experience.

OK for:

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5 – 8. Children at this age are not permitted into the London Tombs sector of the experience due to strobe lighting, but are allowed to visit the London Bridge Experience at their parent’s discretion.


£££ - child tickets cost £18 and adult tickets cost £24 on the day. You can jump the queue and get some money off by buying priority online tickets in advance.

What’s on offer

You get two terrifying trips for the price of one – the first is the London Bridge Experience, which takes its willing victims on a trip back through London’s grim history – where they can explore, feel, taste and smell what London Bridge was like in the past – from Roman times to the Viking era. You might even have to fight off an Oliver-style pick-pocket in the form of a live actor in character. Experience executions (not for real, obviously), learn about local trades and escape through the Great Fire… if you and your family even make it that far.

You then travel through the Terror Time Tunnel back to reality and if you’re up for it take a trek through the London Tombs. It’s a journey through the plague pits filled with jumps, shocks and ghostly horrors. Prepare to be thrilled but most importantly, prepare to be scared.

Suitable for under 11’s, the company recommends young children who wish to experience the Tombs to take the Guardian Angel tour. A special guide accompanies families whilst protecting the little ones from anything too upsetting.

The first part of the experience lasts 45 minutes, with the optional second section lasting around 25 minutes. The tours are conducted in and the actors perform in English, but audio guides in Polish, Italian, French, German, Spanish and English are available to enhance foreign families’ experience.

A family-friendly Halloween show is available for those who book well in advance and there's a gift shop on site.


If your child is a thrill-seeker, loves an adventure, isn’t easily afraid or enjoys the spooky side of history, then this is the place for them to be.

London Bridge highlights include the anticipation-building presentation movie, the Victorian Steam Room featuring the engines used when the bridge was originally built, the interactive elements and the views from high above the river Thames are pleasant. The history of London Bridge is very interesting, though might be a bit too niche for some guests.

TripAdvisor users were largely impressed with the quality of the acting.

What to watch out for

- Note that guests ARE allowed to leave the experience at any time if it becomes too much for them. So, if little ones are too scared, alert the nearest member of staff and you’ll be escorted out quickly.

- That being said, this probably isn’t the best place to bring a child under 5.

- If your child is easily frightened, afraid of the dark, loud noises or suffers from breathing difficulties, a heart condition, claustrophobia, nightmares/night terrors, anxiety or panic attacks, then this is not the attraction for them. If you’re unsure, contact the team via the contact details on their official website.

- The London Bridge Experience is in a historical building, yet is semi-accessible for disability access where possible. It’s not the best place to bring a buggy, though.

- Pregnant women can enter at their discretion, however they are warned that the London Tombs may not be suitable due to dark, narrow passageways, flash and strobe lighting.

- Mums and dads who are horror movie and scary attraction veterans OR parents and grandparents from an older generation might not be utterly terrified by the experience, yet it’s still enjoyable and educational.

MFM tips:

- If you’re undecided about this attraction, first go through the official website with your child, watch all the videos and perhaps check out their 3D tours of what will be in store. They’ll probably tell you if they like the idea of a visit or not, but you’ll be able to tell from their reaction regardless. An in-depth discussion will save you buying any expensive tickets and leaving at the first hurdle.

- 2-for-1 vouchers are often available for this attraction. Check hotel and train station brochures and online for discounts. Make it brilliant value for money!

- You can also consider visiting a similar attraction, the London Dungeon.

What the owners say

"Become part of London's gruesome history and travel back in time to an age of adventure and uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath the world's most famous and most haunted bridge. Laugh, scream and cheer your way through 2000 years of horrible history!

See, hear, feel, taste, even smell, what London Bridge was like over the ages. It's a fun adventure through time, with glimpses of the horrors of yesteryear."


Visit the official London Bridge Experience website