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The Wobbly Bridge (Millennium Bridge) - Review for families

Everything you need to know about the Millennium Bridge and its surrounding tourist spots

What is it?


The Wobbly Bridge, officially known as the Millennium Bridge, is a suspension bridge for pedestrians, which connects Bankside with the City of London.

It opened in 2000, but was closed again just two days after it’s opening, when walkers on a charity run noted that it felt like the bridge was swaying. Worryingly, they were right and the bridge was swaying due to unexpected lateral vibrations. It's a little known than suspension bridges with a lateral sway encourage pedestrians to sway in the same way, which only makes the swaying feeling worse.

It took two years for modifications to be made and the slightly alarming swaying feeling to disappear and in 2002, the Millennium Bridge was once again open to the public.

Your little ones might recognize this bridge as the one collapsed by the Death Eaters in the sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The nearest tube station is Southwark.

What’s on offer

Aside from the fabulous photo opportunity, great view from the bridge and the chance to mess with your kids when you tell them the bridge might wobble over when they walk on it – the Millennium Bridge’s real draw is its close proximity to some of London’s top attractions.

On the South side of the Bridge, you’ll find yourself walking along the infamous South Bank. In addition to everything the bank itself has to offer, you’ll be within walking distance of its fine attractions – including the free art gallery Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre. If you walk all the way along the South Bank, you’ll eventually find yourself staring at the London Eye and its neighbouring attractions.

Walk in the opposite direction of the London Eye over to London Bridge, where you can give your little ones a fright at the London Bridge Experience & London Tombs or simply marvel at The Shard.

On the North side, explore London’s most famous cathedral, St Paul’s, or explore the ship Golden Hinde II. You could also take a look at Monument, which is a memorial for the Great Fire of London.

What to watch out for

If you’re cruising around London taking in the sights, make sure you’re aware of where your nearest facilities are. There are changing facilities and an accessible toilet in the Tate Modern, which is free admission, so you don’t have to worry about sneaking in.

There could be a lot of walking involved in an exploratory trip around this bridge. You don’t really have to walk anywhere in London. Use the TFL website to plan the best routes for where you want to visit!


Visit the official Millennium Bridge website


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