A separate moving bag

“Arthur was 3 months old when we moved. The night before, I packed his changing bag, as if we were going out with clothes, bottles, nappies etc. Then I packed a weekend bag with more clothes and nappies, a sleeping bag, muslins, formula, the steriliser, bedding, and a couple of teddies.”


Joanne Hilling, 35, from Hughenden Valley, mum to Sophie, 8, Poppy, 5, and Arthur, 4 months.


The ideal scenario is to be baby-free on the big day. “We moved when Netanya was 1. I put her in nursery for the day and my mum picked her up for me. That gave me the chance to get her bedroom straight, so she was in familiar surroundings when she finally arrived.”

Serena Van Der Meulen-Taylor, 30, from Doncaster, mum to Netanya, 1.

Blackout blinds

Chances are, your old curtains won’t fit your new windows. Travel blackout blinds adjust to fit all window sizes and are brilliant for taking on holiday, too. They’re a good idea if your baby’s used to sleeping in a dark room. We like the Gro Anywhere blind (£29.99, www.bumpto3.com).

Safety products

Your new pad will need the same baby-proofing treatment that you gave your current place. You can buy safety packs that contain everything you need. Try BabyDan’s Home Safety Starter Pack, (£14.99, www.babysecurity.co.uk). If your baby’s mobile and on the move, consider a travel stairgate as it’ll fit different widths of doors and stairs. Lindam do the Easy Fit Premium Child Safety Gate (£25.52, Argos).

A travel cot

If you’ve got your baby with you on moving day, a travel cot comes in handy if you’re trying to unpack and want to make sure your little one has somewhere safe to play. They can be put up easily and can sit in whichever room suits you best as you work. Try Hauck’s Dream ’N’ Play Travel Cot (£39.99, www.amazon.co.uk).


To avoid stuff getting mislaid, invest in a proper labelling kit(www.onlineboxes.co.uk, £8.70 for 120 labels). “It’s a good idea to get copies of the floorplan of your new house from the estate agent,” says Mark Cunningham, co-founder of www.moveme.com. “Number each room and then write that number on each corresponding box. That way, whoever moves you knows exactly where to put things.”

Baby furniture

“We’re looking to move again soon and I’ve put off furnishing Tilly’s nursery until we know how much space we’ve got, as we don’t want to end up with furniture we can’t squeeze in.”

Andi Lustak, 34, from Budapest, Hungary, mum to Tilly, 13 months.

Try this - Why not log onto www.helpiammoving.com for practical advice on moving house while pregnant?


Moving day must-haves:

  • Your little one’s favourite soother (dummy, blanket, teddy).
  • Your baby’s red book and any other medical records.
  • Change of clothes for everyone, including toothbrushes and wash stuff.
  • Mobile phone charger (remember, your house phone might not be connected straightaway).
  • If you’re breastfeeding: breast pads, breast pump and bottles.
  • If you’re bottlefeeding: enough bottles, formula and your steriliser.
  • Meals and snacks for the whole family, including tea bags or coffee, UHT milk and mugs for that first cuppa when you arrive.