Top 10 toddler books for May

Check out MFM's pick of the top new reads for your tots this month


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Get your little one stuck into a good, adventure-packed story book this May with MFM’s pick of the best new titles.


From beautifully illustrated dog tales, to the jammed packed stories of a bear family, a feisty fly or sleepy leopard – we have it covered.


The Fly, Petr Horacek, £9.89

The Fly doesn’t understand why people won’t share their food with him, or play with him … and why do they keep trying to swat him?

The Fly, by Petr Horacek, £9.89.

Available from: May 3

Ages: 3+


Me and You, Anthony Browne, £6.64

Three bears decide to go out for a walk in the park while their porridge cools. Meanwhile a little girl has lost her mum and lost her way and is walking the streets alone…

Me and You, by Anthony Browne, £6.64.

Available from: Now

Ages: 3+


I’m the Best, Lucy Cousins, £10.79

Can Dog’s friends teach him to be less of a show-off? Find out in this brilliantly original picture book from Lucy Cousins, creator of Maisy.

I’m the Best, by Lucy Cousins, £10.79.

Available from: May 3

Ages: 3+


Watch out Arthur, Magda Archer, £9.89

Arthur! Watch out! He’s an accident waiting to happen. Arthur wants to play and that can only mean one thing – lots of trouble!

Watch out Arthur, by Magda Archer, £9.89.

Available from: May 27

Ages: 2+


Mama is it summer yet? Nikki McClure, £7.29

The earth is soft and there are seeds to plant, birds singing, ducklings in the pond, and pink blossoms blooming. The young boy even wears his bathing suit and carries a beach pail in preparation, but will it ever be summer?

Mama is it summer yet? by Nikki McClure, £7.29.

Available from: Now

Ages: 2+


Wee William, Sheryl Webster and Cecilia Johansson, £9.89

Follow the latest adventures of little ‘wee’ William as he learns that he must go to the toilet before he leaves the house!

Wee William, by Sheryl Webster and Cecilia Johansson, £9.89.

Available: May 8

Ages: 2+


Bedtime Hullabaloo, David Conway & Charles Fuge, £8.49

One night in the Silly Savannah a ludicrous leopard is leapfrogging to bed and a hat-wearing hyena is half asleep when all of a sudden there is a terrible racket. The animals decide to follow the noise, but they are in for a big surprise…

Bedtime Hullabaloo, by David Conway & Charles Fuge, £8.49.

Available from: May 6

Ages: 2+


Oops! Jean-Luc Fromental, £6.14

“Oops” follows a family through the streets of Paris as they try to get to the airport for their vacation, with gorgeous contemporary illustrations.

Oops! by Jean-Luc Fromental, £6.14.

Available from: Now

Ages: 2+


The Journey Home from Grandpa’s Fun Activities, Jemima Lumley & Sophie Fatus, £3.99

Hop in the car and watch everything that whizzes past the window as you head for home. Young travellers will delight in this colourful journey.

The Journey Home from Grandpa’s Fun Activities, by Jemima Lumley & Sophie Fatus, £3.99.

Available from: Now

Ages: 2+


Up in the Tree, Margaret Atwood, £4.74

First published in 1978, this is a story of two children who make their home up in the branches of a tree from this prize-winning author.

Up in the Tree, Margaret Atwood, £4.74.

Available from:  Now


Ages: 2+

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