Travelling when pregnant

Top tips for travels with your bump


Travel author Sarah Tucker has put together some excellent advice for pregnant mums-to-be, with a little help from Persil non-bio and Comfort Pure.


When you’re first pregnant, long car or plane journeys can seem rather unappealing. Ensure you’ve got your route mapped out so there is no last minute stress. Pack a refreshing face spritz and wipes, to keep you feeling fresh and cool, and make sure you dress super comfortably and wear light and loose layers. Remember to wash your travelling outfit in a gentle fabric detergent and softener before you go, to ensure your clothes are comfortable and soft next to your sensitive skin.

Try to travel during your second trimester (months 4-6) as you’re likely to have passed the morning sickness stage. Many airlines (particularly the charters) will be unlikely to allow you to travel after about 32 weeks, and certainly not after 36, so check before you go! Even if you’re travelling on a plane before 32 weeks, it’s advisable to take a letter to prove the stage of your pregnancy as they have a right to refuse you on board.

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