We must create better dad-friendly society urges charity

Report recommends more support and services for dads-to-be


Children’s charity Barnardo’s has released a report recommending more support and services for fathers, in particular, young dads.


The guidance, funded by the Department for Education advises that young men are not involved enough during their partner’s pregnancy and subsequently, their children’s lives.

The report identifies a lack of contact between young fathers and midwives, health visitors and social services, as well as highlighting a need for professionals to “give more value to the father.”

Suggested courses of action include appointing employees to coordinate specific services such as study, training and advice for fathers, as well as keeping better data on teenage fatherhood.

The findings are thought to be related to social change, with more fathers wanting to take a hands-on parenting role.

Michael Connellan of the Family and Parenting Institute has said, “There is a new wave of dads emerging who are wheeling buggies, changing nappies and experiencing hands-on parenthood.

“But even with this exciting development, women continue to take on the bulk of the responsibilities, and the joys, of raising the next generation.

“We must create a more father-friendly society if we want to see more significant change.”


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