What does Freedom Food mean?

Find out what Freedom Food really means...


“Anything that’s labelled Freedom Food has been produced to the RSPCAs strict standards,” says Justine Pannett, the RSPCA’s senior campaigns manager. 


“This means across a range of animal species, the RSPCA has set out a range of strict guidelines and standards for how an animal has been reared, and this applies from birth to slaughter,” explains Justine.

“We do encourage people to look out for free range food if they can’t find Freedom Foods. The difference is freedom food covers birth to slaughter, while other labelling schemes might only apply to how the animal has been reared and not to slaughter as well,” she says. 

“Freedom Foods are a one-stop-shop – if you want to guarantee higher welfare for what you’re eating, then freedom Food is the logo to look for.”


Find out how to find Freedom Food products and how affordable they are.

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