Which celeb mum are you most like?

Try our fun quiz to discover which celebrity mum you most resemble, and how to make the most of your natural parenting style


1) How would you describe your pregnancy style?

A: Classic, simple and elegant.


B: Sexy, voluptuous and glam.

C: Fairtrade, ethically sourced and no man-made fibres.

D: Yummy mummy one day and action mummy the next – all depending on your mood and what you’re up to.


2) You plan to prepare for the birth by…

A: Reading all the books, attending every available class, practising breathing and birth positions every day and producing lots of lists and spreadsheets.

B: Attending antenatal exercise classes to ensure you spring right back into shape after the birth.

C: Listening to natal hypnotherapy CDs and doing plenty of perineal massage!

D: Crossing your legs and praying baby doesn’t arrive while you’re at your desk, in the middle of the supermarket or on the ski slopes. There’s still so much left to do before the big day!


3) Your hospital bag contains…

A: Everything that’s on the list in the baby book. And the kitchen sink.

B: Lippy, mascara, hair straighteners and one of those lovely leopard skin nursing bras you just couldn’t resist buying!

C: No bag required: it’s home birth or bust.

D: Was I supposed to pack a hospital bag?


4) Your birth plan is…

A: Meticulously researched, six sides long and covering every eventuality. There’s no room for error.

B: Two words: elective Caesarean (with a tummy tuck thrown in).

C: Water birth, whale music, essential oils, yoga, tantric breathing – you want it to be as natural and spiritual as possible.

D: Forget the birth plan – you’re happy to go with the flow.

Getting a buggy to suit your lifestyle needs is key – a secondhand one is only a bargain if it works for you.

5) You’re buying a buggy – what’s the most important consideration?

A: That it comes out top in all the latest safety tests.

B: That it’s the same one that all the most stylish celebs have.

C: No buggy for you – you intend to use a baby sling at all times.

D: That it’s suitable for long country walks and for zipping round the shops, depending on what mood takes you.

Buying for a baby you’ve yet to meet may seem a little odd, but don’t forget to enjoy it!

6) You plan to dress your kids in …

A: Spotless, crease-free co-ordinated outfits in tasteful neutrals.

B: Prada, Gucci and Mulberry – this season only.

C: Hand-mades or hand-me-downs – natural fibres only.

D: The first thing you grab out of the drawer – or from that big pile of washing that you never seem to get round to ironing.


7) The best baby gift you could receive is…

A: A copy of Gina Ford’s The Contented Little Baby Book.

B: Those post-baby tummy toner knickers from Agent Provocateur that all the celebrities use to hold in those excess baby pounds.

C: Enrolment to a baby yoga class – it’s never too young to start.

D: A baby bouncer to keep your little one amused while you get on with the 1,001 other things you are supposed to do today.

Position your baby for breastfeeding, making sure you support your baby’s head.

8) Which of the following are you most likely to say to your partner when baby wakes up at 3am?

A: ‘She’s not scheduled for a feed for another half an hour.’

B: ‘I need my beauty sleep – there’s a bottle in the fridge.’

C: Nothing. Baby is in bed with you both, so you just let her forage for a nipple then drift back off while she feeds.

D: ‘I’m already up… I’m trying to finish a presentation for tomorrow. I’m sure I can feed and type at the same time.’

Know your nappy rash!

9) Your baby does a poo all over your new skirt. What do you say?

A: ‘He doesn’t normally poo at this time and it looks runnier than usual – I’d better call the doctor.’

B: ‘This is dry clean only!’

C: Nothing. It’s just one of the hazards of nappy-free parenting.

D: ‘Serves me right for trying to chat on the phone whilst changing a nappy!’

Mum and Baby

10) When pals ask you about motherhood, you’re likely to say…

A: ‘Babies need routine and structure.’

B: ‘Don’t let a baby cramp your style.’

C: ‘Let your baby teach you how to be a parent.’

D: ‘Have baby will travel/shop/work/live life to the full!’


Mostly A

The Routine Queen like Katie Holmes

The former Dawson’s Creek star is mum to baby Suri, born in 2006. ‘Motherhood puts boundaries in your life in a good way,’ says Katie. ‘It organises things, and I like organisation!’

Efficient and organised, you thrive on planning and routine. You like knowing when baby will sleep and feed so that you can plan your day accordingly – those nap-time slots allow you to keep you and your house looking pristine. You seem to have everything sorted: your baby will be the first to sleep through the night; you and she will always be immaculately turned out; and your spotless home will be the envy of all the other mums!

Your kids will love you for: Being practically perfect.

Things to watch out for:

You put huge expectations on yourself to be a perfect mum, partner and housewife. When it comes to parenting, there are going to be things you can’t control – and times when even the best plans go the shape of a pear. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you occasionally fall short of your own exacting standards. And don’t be a slave to the schedule – as well as watching the clock, remember to listen to your baby and your instincts for important cues.


Mostly B

The Yummy Mummy like Gwen Stefani

Gwen and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, have a two sons, Kingston, born in 2006, and Zuma, born in 2008. She parades her bump in leopard skin undies and stilettos, with Kingston in a Gucci baby carrier! ‘When you’re pregnant, you get short of breath. So I’m trying to breathe with the corset and the high heels,’ says Gwen. ‘I was in pain, but I knew I looked amazing!’

You love being a mum but you’ve no intention of letting it turn you all mumsy! Looking good and feeling sexy are important to you: you’ll be the first to get back in to your jeans and you firmly believe in dressing up to go to baby group. When it comes to baby gear, cutting edge design, designer labels and celeb endorsement count big. Only the best will do!

Your kids will love you for: Looking fabulous – and making sure they do too!

Things to watch out for:

Just remind yourself that people ultimately value you for who you are, not for your possessions or what you look like. Children don’t care if it’s Prada or Primark – just as long as mum is prepared to roll around on the floor to play. Make sure that your child’s emotional needs are being met as well as her material ones. The same applies to you – designer buggies are all very well, but you can’t buy happiness.

Will Gwyneth Paltrow soon be a mum-of-three?

Mostly C

The Earth Mother like Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress is married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, also known for his green credentials. They have two kids – Apple and Moses. Gwyneth is adamant that she won’t impose her beliefs: ‘Apple is her own person. If she doesn’t want to be vegetarian or if she wants to eat hydrogenated oils… I’m not going to be a controlling hippie!’

You don’t mind a bit more work if it will help to save the planet, and are prepared to question conventional approaches to child rearing. You follow your instincts but let your baby’s signals dictate your schedule – you don’t want to crush her spirit by imposing discipline. Your sensitivity is coupled with strong convictions: if people raise their eyebrows at your style, who cares?

Your kids will love you for: Being a woman of principle.

Things to watch out for:

Remember that babies gain security from routine and consistency. As your children get older, try not to impose your own beliefs on them, but let them make their own choices. After all, they’re much more likely to crave fast food and Barbie dolls if you ban them! It’s not easy being green, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t always live up to your own high ideals.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s son hates her dancing!

Mostly D

The Juggler like Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex in the City star is married to fellow actor Matthew Broderick, and the couple’s first child, son James Wilkie Broderick, was born in 2002. The couple also used a surrogate and welcomed twins Marion and Tabitha. SJP famously filmed the final series of Sex in the City while heavily pregnant, and these days she juggles motherhood and her career, taking son James on to the set with her. ‘We all make choices, but the key is to make the most of what is going on in our lives, and make time for those people in our lives that we dearly love,’ she explains. SJP also has twins Marion and Tabitha.

Full of energy, always on the go and excellent at multi-tasking, you will relish the new challenges that motherhood brings. You function best when you have lots on your plate and fit a lot into your hectic schedule, and you don’t worry too much if things are a bit chaotic as a result.

You’re up for anything and prepared to be flexible – as such, you’re well equipped for the ever-changing demands of parenthood.

Your kids will love you for: Being up for anything.


Things to watch out for:

Be careful not to take on too much – particularly in the early days – or you will burn yourself out. Also remember that children don’t like to be rushed, so make sure that your schedule allows time for stillness and exploring the world at a child’s pace.

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