Why we LOVE these men in uniform (and it’s not what you think!)

Each of these guys went that extra mile to do something amazing – and we totally rate them for it


Here at MFM HQ, we do so love to hear a story about someone who’s gone that extra mile to help another person in need – or simply stepped out of their comfort zone to brighten someone else’s day.


And while these guardian angels come in all sorts of guises, we’ve noticed lately a little glut of these heartwarming acts of kindness from men in uniform – from firefighters and cops to ambulance crew and lollipop men.

Here’s our little tribute to just a few of them…

1. The cops who bought a couple a car seat instead of giving them a ticket


When US cops Jason Pavlige and James Hodges got a call to say a couple were driving unsafely with their 10-month-old on her mum’s lap in the passenger’s seat, they went beyond the call of duty.

Instead of giving the driver a ticket, the Michigan cop duo bought the family a car seat with their own money.

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2. The Dublin fireman who delivered a baby


When Rob Nulty saw a young heavily pregnant woman having contractions on the side of the road, he and a colleague got her into the fire brigade ambulance as quickly as they could, intending to take her to hospital.

But the baby came too soon and Rob found himself delivering the baby there and then.

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3. The marine dad who celebrated every holiday with his son before he was deployed


Staff Sergeant John York knew he’d miss out on major family celebrations –  like Christmas, Halloween and even a birthday – as he was being deployed 7,000 miles away from his 3-year-old son Bryso .

So he took the time to make all those big celebrations happen in the 10 days before he left. The video is simply magical.

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4. The bin men who make these Florida triplets the happiest kids ever

Mum of triplets Heaton, Wilder and Holden, Martha Sugalski says that what started as a quick wave to the bin men in the morning has become a “sweet friendship” for her little ones. Awwwww.

5. The ex-policeman who admitted that being a stay-t’home dad ‘damn-near killed’ him


Dustin Johnson from Louisiana, USA, had to give his job as a cop up to look after his new baby when his wife became seriously ill.

He took to Facebook with this message:

“If you’ve ever given your wife grief about being home with the kid all day while you slaved away at work, you go straight home and apologise. I tip my hat to you ladies. Only a couple months of this has damn-near killed me.”

That one had us giving him a virtual standing ovation.

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6. The high-fiving lollipop man


Nkosana Mdikane was voted the happiest lollipop man in Scotland when he became famous for high-fiving the kids as they crossed.

What a great way to start the school day ?

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