Your mini mum face makeover

Here’s a bunch of ideas to make you look fab when you’re short on time and cash


It can be difficult finding the time to wash your face, let alone slap on your war paint when you’re a busy mum-about-town. But you don’t have to spend much time or a heap of money to look your best.


Raid your baby’s cupboard

The modestly priced Baby Bottom Butter, £2.54, from Waitrose has become the supermarket’s top-selling skincare cream. Mums say it’s perfect for keeping their faces moisturised, as well as their babies’ bottoms smooth. Find it, (where else?) in the baby aisle.

Have a free pamper party

“Once a month my friends and I meet at one of our houses armed with all our make-up, beauty products and nail varnishes, and have a really girly evening trying out different colours and styles. It’s fantastic to try new looks without having to buy all the stuff and it’s fun, too.”

Laura Jones, 33, from London, mum to Abbie, 3.

Battle the eye bags

“Keep a couple of metal teaspoons in the fridge and pop them onto the area under your eyes for a minute,” says Shahena Ali, beauty expert and founder of The Powder Lounge ( “The cool relief deflates bags in seconds.”

Keep your lips looking luscious

If you haven’t got the time to apply pout-perfect lipstick, slap on a bit of Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner, £2.24 from Boots ( to keep your lips hydrated, shiny and kissable.

Make a mask

Don’t splash the cash on an expensive face pack, head to the kitchen and make your own at home. “Mash a banana with a tablespoon of honey, and add a few drops of orange juice before applying to your face,” says France Baudet, beauty expert and owner of Cannelle ( “Leave for 10 minutes before washing off. This is ideal for treating oily complexions, as the banana helps rebalance the natural oils in your skin.”

Rejuvenate old make-up

Is your mascara dried up and crusty from lack of use? Bring it back to life by putting the tube in a pot of warm water for a few minutes. It’ll save you having to shell out on a new one.

Keep shadows at bay

“Apply a light, cream coloured, pale pink or lilac eye shadow, and then a smudged light or dark brown eyeliner to the upper eyelid,” says Shahena. “It lifts the eyes and creates a brighter, fresher look that will divert attention away from any signs of tiredness.”

Create your own blush

“Ditch buying blusher and give yourself a rosy glow by putting your head between your legs for a minute to get the blood flowing,” says Georgia Louise (

Find a good match

Never see brown foundation lines along your cheekbones again thanks to the new Adapti-tude Skin Match Foundation, £6.29 from 17 at Boots ( It adapts to your skin tone to blend without fuss.


Polish your beauty tools

Head to the toolbox and find a bit of sandpaper, then brush it over the end of your tweezers. It keeps them nice and sharp, making it easier to grab unruly eyebrow hairs.

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