10 of the best sleepy time tools

From toddler clocks to nightlights and a soothing hammock for babies with colic, we've picked 10 top inventions to help see your baby and toddler through the night


Getting your baby or toddler to bed – and to sleep!

Sleep – it’s an issue close to every parent’s heart. Whether it’s getting your baby to settle, night-time waking, bedtime tantrums or early-rising toddlers, there seems to be sleep problem for every age and stage. And while there’s no one product that can claim to solve all these issues, there are little gems out there that help take some of the stress out of bedtime.


We’ve picked 10 of the best sleepy time tools, from nightlights to toddler sleeping bags and even a clock that could help you get a lie-in. Click through to see what could work for your little one…

If you’re setting up your baby or toddler’s sleep environment, don’t buy a thing for the nursery or bedroom until you read our no-nonsense guides:


BEABA Pixie Night Light, £25

A nightlight and lantern in one, the funky-looking BEABA Pixie Night Light can be picked up off its recharging base and used for night-time toilet trips. The ergonomic handle is easy for little hands to hold. This robust nightlight also stays cool to the touch, which is essential for anything your child can reach.

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Dusky Moon Dream Tubes, £40

Whether you’re about to make the move from cot to ‘big bed’ or you’ve just got a child who likes to go bump in the night, Dusky Moon Dream Tubes are inflatable tubes that fit into specially designed fitted sheets, converting any single bed into a snug and safe sleeping haven. They’re also handy for giving a sense of security when staying in an unfamiliar bed – they’re easy to pack in your luggage, unlike standard bed guards.

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The Gro Company Gro Clock, £39.99

Trying to teach an early-riser to stay in bed is tough when they’re too young to tell the time. The Gro Clock uses the simple idea of ‘Stay in bed until you see the sun’ along with a simple sun and moon design to help toddlers and pre-schoolers know when it’s time to get out of bed (and when it’s time to let mum and dad continue with their slumber!). It’s easy to set and there’s a nap-time feature, too.

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Merino Kids Go Go bag, £59.95

Merino Kids Go Go bag is lined with 100% fine spun merino wool. Merino wool is soft, low fire risk, draws moisture away and helps regulate body temperature so you don’t have to worry about your baby or toddler getting too hot or fuss about with lots of different tog ratings.

Coming in just two sizes (Birth-2yrs, 2yrs-4yrs), your Go Go bag has a longer life than many others on the market, so you won’t need to fork out for a new size a couple of times a year.

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Babytec Autofade Bedside Lamp, £19.95

With a range of light intensity settings, the Babytec Autofade Bedside Lamp can go from being soft enough for night-time feeds to reassuring a toddler or pre-schooler. It can be left on low through the night without risk of burning small hands, or you can selected the automatic dimming function, so the light will fade over 15 minutes.

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Lindam Safe and Secure Soft Bed Rail, £19.99

The Lindam Safe and Secure Soft Bed Rail can be fitted to single, junior, divan, framed or slatted beds, which puts it above many of its competitors that are only usable with divans. The soft, padded panel with a mesh window sits high and firm against the mattress, and means you no longer have to rely on strategically placed cushions and pillows to easy your tot’s transition from cot to bed. When it comes to getting in and out of bed, the rail can be folded down, but the lock release for this requires two hands and is on the outside, so your pint-sized Houdini will have no luck!

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Amby Nature’s Nest, £164.99

The Amby Nature’s Nest is best described as a swinging, rocking hammock that can be used from birth until your baby’s about 12 months. Designed by a dad to help soothe his baby girl’s colic, the Amby Nature Nest can be used in the day or at night instead of a Moses basket. It’s curved mattress means your baby’s head is slightly raised, which may help with reflux issues, too.

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Bushbaby Nestegg Pop-up Travel Cot, £99.00

Being away from the familiar comfort of their own cot or room can really disrupt your little one’s sleep. The beauty of the Bushbaby Nestegg Pop-up Travel Cot is that unlike many lightweight pop-up options it can be used until your baby is 5 years old. That means not only do you get a product with a long life, you’ve got a home-away-from-home bed solution that your child will be familiar with each time you up sticks.

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TOMY Universal Bedside Rail, £27.99

The TOMY Universal Bedside Rail will put your mind at ease and help your toddler feel secure in a big bed. It’s secure, sturdy, and when your child needs to climb in and out of bed, just use the childproof lock release to fold down the soft white mesh panel.

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The Gro Company Grobag, from £15.99

Whether you’ve got a newborn on your hands or a 3-year-old, a Grobag sleeping bag will keep them snug but allow arms to be free. If kicked-off blankets are causing temperature changes and disrupted sleep, this is ideal. With colours and patterns to suit the fussiest of little ones, a range of tog ratings and prices, a Grobag is a worthwhile investment for a good night’s sleep.


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