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How to teach your child to blow out candles

Can you teach toddlers and small children how to safely blow out candles on birthday cakes? Here's a simple trick to make it easy...

Published: December 27, 2018 at 6:00 am

Let's be honest: trying to blow out a candle when you're 2 years old can be a monumental task.


And SO many of us have grimaced while our little one, desperately blowing raspberries, covers their birthday cake with spit.

So, what do you do? Stand over their shoulder gently blowing to try and put it out without them noticing? One genius YouTube dad has a better solution...

Here's how you teach your child to blow out a candle


Yep... the key is to use a straw. Give your child a straw to blow through and voila! So simple, yet so effective ?

The candle will go out in a puff of smoke and the cake's birthday icing is saved from a shower of slobber.

Watch how it's done on video, too...

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Images: YouTube

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