18 things you didn’t know about your toddler

Our health visitor spills the beans on interesting facts about your child


1) 40% of parents say their pre-schooler experiences stress


2) Between the age of 2 and 3 toddlers will sleep an average of 13 out of every 24 hours 

3) The average 3.5 year old knows around 1,200 words

4) Obese toddlers are more at risk from iron deficiency than normal-weight tots.

5) A child doesn’t grow while he’s suffering from a common cold.

6) Toddlers who are regularly looked after by their grandparents have an increased risk of being overweight

7) Tots who often suffer with pink or red eyes may have a blocked tear duct

8) One in five toddlers is able to open medicine bottles that have child-resistant tops

9) On average parents spend £442 a year on pre-school activities for their tot such as yoga or art classes

10) Humans are the only known host of head lice

11) Children should have their blood pressure checked annually from 3 years old

12) A 3-year-old’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s brain

13) Toddlers allowed to watch more than two hours of TV a day are likely to struggle at school

14) Play can de-stress your child by letting her work out ideas for coping with stressful situations

15) Showing your tot pics of fruit and veg can make him more likely to eat them later on.

16) Your child is more likely to have sleeping problems if you smoke during pregnancy

17) Only 34% of parents are happy with the food being served at their children’s nursery.


18) Toddlers who have a regular bedtime perform better academically


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