5 of the best summer allergy soothers

Warm weather can bring with it eczema, asthma and hayfever. Tackle it head on with these child-friendly products


HayMax, £7.29

HayMax is a natural balm that blocks pollen from entering the body when rubbed around the nose, mouth and eyes. Keep a pot handy if you know your family is heading out for the day.


Buy HayMax from Holland & Barrett


Aqua Maris, £4.30/ £4.39

Aqua Maris is a salt water formula that clears blocked noses. Drops are suitable from birth while the spray is used from 6 months-of-age.

Buy Aqua Maris from Sterling Pharmacy


Aveeno Lotion, £7.99

Aveeno Lotion moisturises dry, sensitive skin for 24 hours, preventing irritation throughout the day and into the night.

Buy Aveeno Lotion from Amazon


Weleda Mixed Pollen 30

Weleda Mixed Pollen 30 is a homeopathic tablet reduces allergic responses to pollen. Check the label, but it’s a good idea to take this a few weeks before you know symptoms are going to kick in.

Buy Weleda Mixed Pollen 30 from Weleda


Boots Allergy Relief 1-Year Plus Antihistamine

Boots Allergy Relief 1-Year Plus Antihistamine syrup can soothe itching, sneezing and redness. You should talk to your GP or pharmacist before using antihistamines.


Buy Boots Allergy Relief 1-Year Plus Antihistamine syrup at Boots

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