Can a sliced brown onion really stop your child coughing at night?

One mum says yes it definitely does - but what do the doctors say?


Here at MFM HQ we do love a good parenting hack – and when we heard this one, from a mum on our team – that a plain old brown onion can stop your child from coughing at night – we were intrigued.


She told us: “My 4-year-old daughter has had a cough and cold on and off since November 2017. 

“A few days ago, literally all she did was cough. Having already tried the Vicks vapour rub on the feet, breathing in steam etc she just couldn’t stop.

“A friend popped over and I told her about the coughing and she asked me: ‘Have you done the onion in the bedroom?’

“I looked at her like she was mad, but she swears when her daughter was a toddler, she couldn’t stop coughing and she said you take a regular brown skinned onion, slice it in half and put it in the bedroom with your child, near them. 

“So, we were desperate, and willing to try anything, so we sliced an onion and stuck it under our daughter’s bed, parallel to her head.

“Yes it did stink, and took a few days for the smell to go, and lots of airing the bedroom. But, that night, she had periods of hours between the coughing.

“So she did still cough, but she also had large chunks of sleep in between, whereas the nights before the onion, she was coughing all night, you could hear the phlegm on her chest.

“Right now, the cough isn’t so bad, so no need for the onion. But if it happens again, I’ll grab an onion.”

We should say that another team member says she swears by boiling garlic in water and giving the garlic water to her nieces and nephews to drink (once it’s cooled) if they have coughs.


What the doctor says 

Quite often, it’s probably likely we wheel out strange and drastic measures likes the ones above when we’re desperate for a cure: when the illness (whatever it is) has gone on for sooooo long it’s reaching the end of its lifespan anyway. We attribute it going to said peculiar cure when actually, it was probably already on its way out.

And when we asked Dr Philippa Kaye what she thought – she told us: “There can be some truth to the remedies of old wives’ tales or folklore, often passed down in families – but there is little scientific evidence backing up the use of either onions or garlic for coughing in babies. 

“Both onions and garlic have been used around the world in medications for centuries, but unfortunately there isn’t evidence for a chopped onion in the room curing a cough, though it is unlikely to do any harm! 

“There is some evidence about the health benefits of garlic for heart problems and other conditions but, again, not to treat a cough.

“And I am not sure I would be able to convince any of my children to drink garlic water!”

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Dr Philippa Kaye is a London GP who has written several books on pregnancy and childcare including The First Five Years. See and follow her on twitter @drphilippakaye

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