Dealing with toddler tantrums and aggression – mums top tips

Mums share their advice about how to deal with your toddler when he throws a tantrum or starts hitting


To stop your tot’s public tantrum

“My 2- year old was having a tantrum in a shop and I just couldn’t get him to stop. So, out of desperation, I copied his behaviour to distract him. I got a few bizarre stares but my son soon forgot his own tantrum.”


Katie Rumgay, 24, from Germany, mum to Kyle, 2½

Stopping your toddler hitting

“Jay has started lashing out at his sister recently. To try and teach him not to hit her again we explain it’s wrong and then give lots of attention to his sister. We’ve also started praising him when he doesn’t use hitting to vent his frustration.”

Sheila Holmes, 33, from Kent, mum to Jay, 3, and Freya, 1

“Cayden’s speech is still quite limited so when he gets frustrated he sometimes lashes out and hits his sister. I tell him he shouldn’t hit and to say sorry to Ellie, and he goes and gives her a hug. He sometimes cries when we tell him off, but we have to remain firm.”

Sarah Cooper, 23, from Romford, mum to Ellie, 5, and Cayden, 21 months

For teaching right and wrong

“We make sure we’re really clear about what we expect from Jay and if he does something wrong we explain why it’s wrong. If he does it again we give him a warning and if he does it a third time he gets time on the naughty step. We’ve found reading fairy tales helpful as they normally have a moral message where wrong behaviour is punished, so this strengthens what we’re trying to teach him.”

Hannah Bank, 27, from Essex, mum to Jay, 2, and Maisie, 2 months

For stopping conflicts

“My 2 year old has become very independent, so to avoid constant conflicts, I decide which arguments I need to win. It doesn’t really matter if he wants to wear wellies with his shorts, but when it comes to food or safety, what I say goes.”


Kelly Brett, 31, from Nottingham, mum to Isaac, 2

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