Essential emergency first aid kit

Do you have a first aid kit for your child? Check our list to see if you are missing any bits and bobs.


Your essential emergency first-aid kit for your child

Cleansing wipes
These are handy for cleaning surface wounds before covering with a plaster.


Used to cut dressings.

Plastic syringes
For administering medicines to babies.

To move splinters

To check his temperature, a thermometer is effective.  Fever strips are also easy to use.

First-aid manual
It is important to choose a clear, easy-to-follow guide relating to babies’ and children’s health.

If your baby or child suffers from a cut, it’s important to keep the area clean and dry, so plasters or lint and bandages are essential.  You may need to bind a sprain before seeking medical help, so keep a supply of crepe and cotton bandages, too.  A triangular bandage is useful if you need to make a sling.  Also keep gauze, non-stick sterile dressings, surgical tape, eye wash and eye pads.

Antiseptic cream or spray
If your baby is suffering from a graze or minor cut, an antiseptic cream or spray is useful in keeping the area clean.

Safety pins
These can be used for a variety of things from holding together a resusable nappy, to securing bandages.

Great quick fix for a small graze or cut.

Surgical Tape
Handy for securing a dressing over a graze, e.g, cotton wool.


Latex Gloves
Prevents contamination when cleansing a cut.

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