Inside the new Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians magazine special you'll find some fantastic ancient fun including how to make a mummy, sing along with crazy Cleo and learn everything you need to know about pyramids. We've got some brilliant Horrible Histories free downloadables to go alongside - including how to draw some awesome Egyptians, a wicked historical wordsearch and some dastardly pirate codes to untangle. Just download and print out! (Please note the goody bag offer is no longer available).


Using the grid, your child will be able to draw a terrifying Egyptian mummy, a pharaoh, a God and a couple of workers!

Download Awesome Egyptian Artwork free activity sheet here

Can your child find these famous names from history, including the rattiest of them all, Rattus! Don't miss the foul facts in this putrid puzzle...

Download Wicked Wordsearch free activity sheet here

Crack the pirate's devious codes to discover prized treasure and the secrets behind one of the most famous pirates of all. Plus find out 3 perilous pirate facts.

Download Perilous Pirate Codes activity sheet here

Once (and only once) your child has cracked the code - here are the answers:

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The Horrible Histories magazine Awful Egyptians special issue is out now. The issue also comes with an Awful Egyptians gift set, with a pop-up mummy, a scary snake and a slimy skull! Urgh! Discover more Horrible Histories extras.


Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums