It’s your duty as a parent to force sprouts upon your unsuspecting youngsters at Christmas - oh yes! Ignoring the tradition will lead them to a lifetime of being the odd one out in the playground – never able to share their horror stories of the time their mum wouldn’t let them leave the table until every sprout was gone.*


Here at MFM we love our greens but if they’re likely to cause a tantrum at Christmas, try one of our great ways to win the sprout war this year…

*we speak from bitter experience

1. Get a hand from everyone’s favourite ogre… Shrek

He’s green, he’s flatulent, he’s the sprout’s natural ally. Rename sprouts as “Shrek’s Snacks” or “Ogre Buttons” and your little ones may be fighting for more.

2. Sprout Christmas trees

Turn a handful of sprouts into Christmas trees, using cocktail sticks and sticky cranberries as decoration. Use four cocktail sticks and lean them together in a pyramid shape. Requires a bit of imagination and deft finger-work, but well worth it.

3. Chop 'em up

Chop the sprouts into disks or small pieces (to disguise the fact that, yes, they are in fact that most-hated of vegetable), then sauté gently with butter, bacon and pine nuts. They taste yum and your tots will never know they used to be round and green…

4. Cook together

This can help convince your little ones to eat almost anything. Get your children to help peel and wash the sprouts and let them watch you cut a cross into the bottom of each. Because they’ve helped create them, most kids are proud to eat them.

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5. The “make a face” trick

Sprouts make excellent eyes, noses and even smiles for food faces and what child can resist eating a face?