It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a good brekkie will help keep your toddler’s energy and concentration levels topped up all morning. The perfect toddler breakfast includes a portion of fruit (and yes, juice counts), some complex carbs like cereal or bread for energy, and a serving of protein to boost his brainpower. Here’s our selection of the best breakfast ideas for your growing child – from quick fixes for nursery mornings to indulgent but healthy weekend treats.


Boiled egg with toast

Why it’s great: Eggs are one of the best sources of high quality protein: essential for growing bodies. A dippy egg with soldiers makes the perfect finger food breakfast for little hands.

Pancakes with maple syrup and chopped banana

Why it’s great: A sweet treat that gets the day off to an indulgent start. Top with a sliced banana to give your child a long-lasting supply of energy and check off one portion of his five-a-day.

Porridge with raisins

Why it’s great: The slow-release carbs in porridge stabilise blood sugar levels for ongoing energy and help your little learner’s concentration. Studies also show that children who eat porridge regularly are less likely to become obese or to binge on sugary snacks.

Toast and fruit smoothie

Why it’s great: White bread is a surprising food hero, with added iron and impressive levels of calcium: a must for your child’s developing bones. A side order of fruit smoothie helps you cram essential vitamins into your toddler, which are needed for growth and a strong immune system.

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Cereal and yoghurt

Why it’s great: For speed and convenience, you can’t beat a bowl of cereal, especially as many are fortified with goodies like B vitamins, needed for energy, and iron, which transports oxygen around the body. Choose a sugar-free variety and follow up with a yoghurt for protein and calcium.

Continental breakfast

Why it’s great: A great breakfast for grazers, a continental spread also lets you tick off most nutritional groups in one go – bread or a croissant for carbs, cheese for calcium, a slice of ham for protein and a cup of juice for vitamins.

Beans on toast

Why it’s great: Baked beans are an unlikely superfood, packed with protein, fibre, iron and calcium. Reduced salt and sugar beans on toast make a warming toddler-friendly breakfast that will keep his batteries topped up.

Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt

Why it’s great: A summery breakfast for sweet-toothed toddlers that can be tailor made to suit his tastes. Experts recommend that our five-a-day should include fruits of many different colours for the biggest nutritional hit, so a bowl of fruit and berries is a great way to keep your child healthy.


Banana muffins

Why it’s great: If you need to grab and go, try some healthy homemade banana muffins – ideal for eating in the pushchair en route to nursery. Plus they’re a wholesome treat that your child can help to make, fuelling his interest in food.