How good are your first aid skills? Take our quiz and find out

Toddlers are always having accidents but sometimes it's hard to know how to help your child when they get into a scrape. Test your first aid knowledge by answering these 10 questions


1) Your toddler swallows some detergent. What do you do?

A) Try to get her to vomit it up.


B) Give her a biscuit to help soak it up.

C) Get her to drink milk or water.

D) Go straight to your A&E department and tell them what she’s swallowed.

Using TV to give children a little rest time is fine.

2) Your child has fallen down the stairs and you’re worried he might have broken an arm. What should you do while calling for medical aid?

A) Give him Calpol for the pain.

B) Pick him up and move him somewhere more comfortable.

C) Sit him up and make a sling to support his arm.

D) Treat him for shock by giving him something sweet to eat and drink.

If glue ear has affected your toddler’s hearing, he may be wrongly labelled naughty for not following instructions he hasn’t been able to understand.

3) Your toddler has knocked over a cup of tea and scalded herself. How do you treat it?

A) Put an ice pack on her burned skin.

B) Apply butter to the burn.

C) Pour cool water over the area.

D) Cover the burn with clingfilm or a clean dressing.


4. Your 3 year old is choking on a small toy. What’s your course of action?

A) Shake him and hope the toy will fall out.

B) Encourage him to cough.

C) Lie him face down along your arm and slap his back.

D) Give him a drink to wash it down his throat more easily.


5) Your baby’s just picked up and eaten some dog poo. Eugh, gross! What do you do?

A) Clean under her fingernails.

B) Make her vomit it up.

C) Wash her mouth out with water.


D) Rinse her mouth out with mouthwash.

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