How to create amazing rainbow swirl art

Here's an easy toddler activity where Skittles 'magically' create a lovely swirly art masterpiece – and it only take 15 minutes...

rainbow skittles

We love this arty, edible activity that’s brilliant for toddlers and preschoolers. It only takes 15 minutes and – apart from a bag of Skittles – only requires stuff you already have round the house.

MFM crafter mum Jo Edwards has tested it out with her daughter Esther, 3 – and shared some great step-by-step pictures with us. She tells us how pleased she was with how much Esther enjoyed the activity:

Esther loved it! There were so many ‘Wow!'s as she watched the colours start to run. And she was pretty chuffed about eating a few Skittles afterwards as well!
Jo Edwards, MFM crafter and mum to Esther, 3

Here’s how to make swirly rainbow art

swirly rainbow art materials
Pic: Jo Edwards

You Will Need

  • Skittles (1 pack)
  • Plate or bowl
  • Small bowl or cookie cutters (optional)
  • Warm water

Total time:

Step 1

Arrange the Skittles into a simple shape on your plate. You can use a small bowl or cookie cutters as a guide or you can make a freehand shape by eye.


Step 2

When your shape is complete, remove the bowl or cookie cutter, if using. Then pour warm water onto the plate, making sure all the Skittles are sitting in a layer of water. This bit is important: Jo says that if you miss some Skittles with the water and try to top up later, the colourful pattern will disappear.

swirly rainbow art step 2
Pic: Jo Edwards

Step 3

Keep watching – you’ll need to have a little patience! – as the colour from the Skittles slowly moves into the water to make an amazing pattern!

swirly rainbow art finish
Pic: Jo Edwards

You can carry on making different shapes with the rest of the Skittles: Jo says she found that 1 bag of Skittles will make 5 different shapes.

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