How to make eggbox flowers

Create colourful flowers out of eggboxes in this fun craft activity that's easy for toddlers to do. Here's how

How to make eggbox flowers

We really rate this cheerful, easy, 20-minute toddler activity, that just needs old eggboxes, buttons and lashings of small-person-applied paint.

Abi, one of MadeForMums’ brilliant crafter mums, tried this one out with her daughter Maisie, 2, and says it was a great success.

Maisie loved the painting part – she loves getting a bit messy! – and she also really enjoyed pushing the buttons into the centre of the flowers
Abi Walker, MFM crafter and mum of Maisie, 2

Here’s how to make eggbox flowers:


You Will Need

  • Eggbox, preferably a 12-egg one
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Coloured pens and decorations of your choice
  • Paper straws or lolly sticks
  • Sticky tape (optional)
  • Buttons or pompoms
  • Green tissue paper (optional)

Total time:

Plus drying time

Step 1

Cut your eggbox up into a 4-compartment flower-shaped sections. From a 12-egg box, you’ll get 3 flowers; from a 6-egg box you’ll get 1 flower. Let your child paint each flower.

how to make egg box flowers steps 1 and 2
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 2

Wait for the paint to dry, then decorate the flowers with coloured pens and stickers – or any other decorations you fancy. Then turn the flowers over and make two holes near the top of each flower’s ‘prong’. Slide a paper straw or lolly stick through the hole – and secure, if needed, with sticky tape.

how to make eggbox flowers steps 3 and 4
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 3

Flip the flowers over again and push a button or pompon into the centre dip of each flower.

how to make egg box flowers step 5 and 6
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 4

Now you have some beautiful flowers! Once your child’s finished playing with them, you can put them in a jug – with, if you like, some green-tissue-paper ‘foliage’ – to create a homemade flower display.

how to make egg box flowers step 7
Pic: Abi Walker

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