We really rate this cheerful, easy, 20-minute toddler activity, that just needs old eggboxes, buttons and lashings of small-person-applied paint.


Abi, one of the brilliant crafter mums in our MadeForMums Community, tried this one out with her daughter Maisie, 2, and says it was a great success.

Maisie loved the painting part – she loves getting a bit messy! – and she also really enjoyed pushing the buttons into the centre of the flowers
Abi Walker, MFM crafter and mum of Maisie, 2

Steps to make eggbox flowers

Here's how to make eggbox flowers:

You will need:

  • Eggbox (a big one will make more flowers)
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Coloured pens and decorations of your choice
  • Paper straws or lolly sticks
  • Sticky tape (optional)
  • Buttons or pompoms
  • Glue

Step 1: Divide the eggbox and paint the sections

how to make egg box flowers steps 1 and 2

Cut your eggbox up into sections of 4 'cups'. You'll get 1 section out of a 6-egg eggbox; 4 sections out of a 12-egg eggbox. Each section will make 1 flower. Let your child paint each section.

Step 2: Decorate and fix on the stalk

how to make eggbox flowers steps 3 and 4

Wait for the paint to dry, then decorate the flowers with coloured pens and stickers – or any other decorations you fancy. Then turn the flowers over and make two holes near the top of each flower's 'prong'. Slide a paper straw or lolly stick through the hole – and secure, if needed, with sticky tape.

Step 3: Push a button into the centre of the petals

how to make egg box flowers step 5 and 6

Flip the flowers over again, dab a little glue into the centre dip of each flower and push a button or pompon into the dip.

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And now you're done!

how to make egg box flowers step 7

Pics: Abi Walker


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