How to tackle an extreme early riser child

Expert advice from Jo Frost on how to keep a toddler who wakes at 5am sleeping for longer


Q: My son, almost 2, goes to bed at 7pm, sleeps all night and has two naps (approx three hours in total). However, he always wakes up at 5am. He shares a room with his sister and it disturbs her.

Jo Frost (former Supernanny) says: Well done to your little one! He’s a good sleeper, by my calculations clocking up more than 13 hours in 24! Try cutting his naps, so he’s more tired when 
it’s bedtime in the evening. An hour in the morning and in the afternoon should be OK. Put him to bed between 7pm and 7.30pm. Then, when he does wake, say, “You need to stay in bed until mummy comes to get you.”


Change his nappy if needed – sometimes that can be what’s woken him. If not, put some toys in his cot. However, I’m afraid some children are just early risers! Try getting him an alarm clock designed for little ones, which tells him when it’s ‘morning’.


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