How to treat broken bones

Broken bones in young children are more common than you might think. Here is what to do…


You need to reassure your child constantly and remain calm. Distressing as it is for both of you, remember that young bones heal fast. If you suspect your little one has broken something, you should:


1. Immobilise the injury with a cushion, item of clothing or something similar and avoid unnecessary movement. If it is an upper limb injury, your child may feel more comfortable supporting it herself – by holding it with her other arm, for example.

2. If you can, try to take your child to hospital yourself. Otherwise, call 999 and wait for an ambulance.

The British Red Cross offers specific children and babies’ first-aid training courses UK wide. Visit or call 0844 412 2808 for more information.


There is also an online resource offering free, simple first-aid advice; see

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