How to treat nosebleeds

Most children get nosebleeds from time to time, so here's what to do...


Whether they are caused by a knock while playing, something which has been pushed inside their nostril or a little too much picking! Here’s how to treat it properly.


If your child has a nosebleed, it’s important that you stay calm. He may get upset by the sight of blood and need reassurance that he 
will be OK. Once you have done this:

1. Sit him down with 
his head tilted forward.

2. Pinch the soft part 
at the end of his nose and hold for 10 minutes.

3. If the nosebleed continues for more 
than an hour, take 
your child to hospital.

4. Do not attempt to remove any objects 
from your child’s nose – let a doctor do it.

Children are capable of putting the most unexpected objects 
up their noses and you want to avoid the risk 
of pushing it up further.

The British Red Cross offers specific children and babies’ first-aid training courses nationwide. Call 0844 412 2808 for more information.


There’s also an online resource offering free 
first-aid advice – log 
on at


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