Potty training plan – Week 5

This week we learn about dealing with regression in the potty training plan



Week 5 is all about what to do to overcome regression, as it’s a typical time for this to happen. As you and your little one relax into the potty training routine, you can relax a step too far! It is very common for your child to start having the odd accident again as, now that they’re not so hung up on the whole thing, they can forget to tune into their body’s needs until its too late!


Don’t be despondent if this happens. It’s not a permanent step backwards and with our simple steps you can make sure it’s just a passing phase….

Regression can happen for all sorts of reasons. Even if it doesn’t happen to your child in Week 5, it’s almost bound to happen at some point so it’s worth reading through our top tips so you’re fully prepared when it does!

Common causes for potty training regression

  1. Your child growing in confidence in their potty training routine and forgetting to tune into their body’s needs.
  2. Your child becoming less focused on the potty and increasingly getting into the habit of losing themselves in playing / television watching / eating – until it’s too late!
  3. A major change in lifestyle can trigger regression too.  When a new sibling arrives, if you move home or even when your child starts school, they might well be.
  4. Although not common, the start of night time potty and toilet training can cause a child to lose confidence altogether (especially if they find it hard to master) and can cause them to start having accidents in the day again too.
  5. A sustained time of illness eg. chicken pox, flu, vomiting bug, is a common cause of regression.

What to do when regression strikes: our top tips

  1. Remember it’s just a passing phase. Try not to get despondent.
  2. Never let your frustration show. The key to overcoming regression is re-building your child’s confidence so it’s vital you dish out praise rather than criticism during this time.
  3. Talk to your child to try to establish if there’s any aspect of their routine that is worrying them. Children can suddenly develop irrational fears eg. about monsters being down the toilet. Talking to your child can help eradicate these before they become ingrained.
  4. Re-visit some of the early days of potty training. Dig out your potty training book and your reward chart.
    Both can help to kick start the whole process  and help your child gradually build their confidence again.
  5. Warn other people that are also looking after your child eg. grandparents and nursery staff, about what is happening and ensure that they’re consistent in following the routine you put in place and in giving your child plenty of praise.
  6. Give your child a goal to aim for eg. Tell them that they can choose a special outing once they’ve had three dry days in a row.
  7. Finally, be kind to yourself!  This can be a really trying time.  Reward yourself as well as your child.  Try to give yourself time to relax and unwind at the end of a wearing day.
  8. Keep your eye on the end goal.  Even children that experience quite a significant phase of regression can still get back on course to successfully complete their potty training programme by the end of Week Six!

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