To make a Queen or King Crown, you will need:

  • Printer
  • A4 paper or printer card (you need two piece for one crown)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Things to colouring in and decorate the crown - crayons, glitter, whatever you have handy

Queen crown


This crown is designed to print onto an A4 piece of paper or printer-friendly card. It does have some tricker edges to cut out - ideal for older children who have mastered those scissor skills - though we've found it looks just as impressive even if you don't cut right next to the outline.

This crown also makes for a great colouring activity, even if you don't fancy making the full headpiece!

Download the printable queen paper crown


King crown

This king crown is perfect for both boys and girls. It will print to fit on A4 size paper or printer-friendly card. Just like the queen version, it can be used as a straightfoward colouring sheet if you don't want to make the full wearable crown.

Download the printable king paper crown

Crown bands - required for queen and king crowns

Whether you want to make a crown for a queen or a crown for a king, you need to print this sheet. Created to fit perfectly on an A4 page (of paper or thicker card paper designed for printers), you can cut out however many bands you need to fit around your child's head.

You may find one band attached to either side of a crown is adequate. Alternatively, you could need to glue a few bands together to form a longer strip, wrapping it around your child's head to get the correct fit then trimming any excess before gluing into a band. Then, you simply glue one of the crown fronts onto the band.

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Download the printable crown bands