Have some right royal fun with your child, making your own King and Queen crowns for the celebrations over the long Coronation weekend (6 to 8 May)!


With these free printable templates, you can create a fun colouring and craft activity that should appeal to children of all ages, from toddlers and preschoolers right up to kids of primary-school age.

As well as the templates, we've included easy-to-follow instructions for making up the crowns, so your child can fit them to their head and parade about in properly regal splendour.

King crown template

This King crown is designed to print onto an A4 piece of paper or printer-friendly card. We can't promise it's an exact replica of King Charles' coronation crown but we think it looks pretty impressive!

See our instructions below for how to make it into a wearable crown – or, if you prefer, you can just leave it on the paper and use it as a fun colouring sheet.

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Download the printable King crown template

Queen crown template

This Queen crown will print to fit on A4 size paper or printer-friendly card. We rather like its 5 triangular points, with those big gems in the central one, and we think Queen Camilla would appreciate its style – even if her actual Coronation crown is a little different.

Just like the King crown, it can be used as a straightfoward colouring sheet or you can follow the instructions below to turn it into a fully wearable crown.

Download the printable Queen crown template

Headband templates for your crowns

If you want to make a wearable crown for a King or a Queen, you'll need to print this sheet out, too. Created to fit perfectly on an A4 page (of paper or thicker card paper designed for printers), it allows you to cut out however many bands you need to glue together to fit around your child's head.

Follow our instructions below to see how it's assembled.

Download the printable Crown headbands template

How to make your Queen or King Crown

You will need:

  • Your printed-out templates
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pens or crayons
  • Decorations, such as stick-on jewels, feathers, stickers (optional)
  • Glue
  1. Use your scissors to cut out the crowns and the bands. Older children may enjoy doing this themselves, using craft scissors and with adult supervision. The King crown does have some tricker edges to cut out but don't worry too much: we've found it looks just as impressive even if you don't cut right next to the lines.
  2. Colour in your cut-out templates. And decorate them, if desired.
  3. Now gather up your bands and your glue, and decide how many bands you are going to need to attach to your crown to make a circle that will fit around your child's head. You may find that 1 band attached to either side of the crown and then glued together at the back is adequate. Or you could need to glue a few bands together first to form a longer strip, wrapping it around your child's head to get the correct fit then trimming any excess, before simply glueing the Crown onto the front of your glued circle.
  4. Wear with kingly/queenly pride!