The trick to getting your child to eat healthily

Mums with healthy eating habits have children with healthy eating habits!


Mums who want their children to eat healthily must lead by example say researchers. A new study has revealed that the most effective way for parents to get their little ones to eat healthy food is to eat it themselves.
According to researchers at Michigan State University, the children of junk food lovers go on to adopt unhealthy eating habits themselves. Children closely watch what their parents eat, and then follow suit – so telling your little ones to finish their greens whilst secretly snacking on biscuits isn’t the best way to go about it!
The study found that leading by example was much more successful than force, reward systems or punishments.
Lead researcher Professor Sharon Hoerr says: ‘Mothers should stop forcing or restricting their kids’ eating. They’d be better off providing a healthy food environment, adopting balanced eating habits themselves and covertly controlling their children’s diet quality by not bringing less healthy food into the house.’


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