Toddler games downloadables – create a trike, running or hopping track

6 fantastic coloured track markers to print out to run a host of toddler and pre-schooler games and activities outdoors in the park


3 games to play with your Circles


1 Slalom racing
Print out all the different coloured circles and put them on the ground with at least 1 metre space between them. Ask your child to ride a trike, scooter, run or hop between them forwards and backwards. If your child’s in a trike, up the fun factor by pushing them round the slalom, encouraging them to steer around the circles. Use a timer or count out the seconds for some racing action.

2 Jumping colours
Lay the circles on the ground in a small circle, so that your child can reach each circle with a jump. When you call out one of the colours of the circles, your child should jump on that one. Then call out a different colour and watch them jump on that one. Call some fast, some slow, and sometimes call out the colour they’re on to see where they’ll jump.

3 Counting jumps
Print out 4 copies of each circle. Mix them up and lay them out randomly in a windy line. Give instructions for your child to jump on a certain number of circles before stopping, eg, jump 4 circles forward, jump 2 circles back and hop 2 circles forward. Then tell your child to avoid the hazard circles – these must be jumped over – without falling off a circle.

Blue Circle


Download and print out your Blue Circle here

Purple Circle


Download and print out your Purple Circle here

Pink Circle


Download and print out your Pink Circle here

Red Circle


Download and print out your Red Circle here

  Yellow Circle


Download and print out your Yellow Circle here

Hazard Circle


Download and print out your Hazard Circle here

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