Toddler health advice from mums

Mums pass on their best tips for looking after your toddler’s health


For clearing up milk spots

Milk spots are keratyn-filled cysts resembling tiny whiteheads that most often appear round the nose and eyes, and are very common on newborn babies. 


“I’ve always found that it’s best to leave milk spots alone. They only need treatment if they get infected. If they’re really bad, speak to your health visitor, but otherwise just bathe them gently with warm water and wait for them to go away.”

Sarah Ley, 43, from Lincolnshire, mum to Leon-Ben, 24, Letitia, 19, Laurie, 10, Lucie, 8 and Rowan, 3

Taking your child’s temperature

“I found using this Twinkle Tots Digital Soother Thermometer, £5.55 ( really easy. It’s exactly like a dummy but with a thermometer built in. It was much more effective than fiddling around trying to take Ellie’s temperature with a normal thermometer under her arm.”

Helen Murphy, 34, from Hampshire, mum to Ellie, 3

Treating nits

“Going through your toddler’s hair with a fine nit comb is the only way to be sure you’ve got them all out. But don’t forget to boil wash his bedding to kill them all and put the clothes you’ve both worn recently on as hot a wash as possible.”

Sophie Harding, 28, from Kent, mum to Taylor, 4

“Millie seems to come back from pre-school every other week with the dreaded nits. We’ve found rubbing a thick conditioner into her hair and scalp, then combing it through with a nit comb after five minutes works brilliantly.”

Mary Jones, 27, from Bristol, mum to Millie, 3, and 28 weeks pregnant

Coping with chicken pox

“We’ve eased the trauma of spots by doing dot-to-dot pictures on Tristan’s tummy with a washable felt-tip. His worst spots are on his pant-line and between his legs so he’s had to ‘go commando’ – always a bonus as far as he’s concerned! Thankfully he’s out of nappies as they would have made things harder.”

Bridget Allen, 38, from South Wales, mum to Jessica, 7, Philippa, 4, and Tristan, 2½

“My 15-month-old niece, Jade, was really poorly with chickenpox recently. She had them in her throat and was afraid to swallow, becoming very dehydrated. We were beginning to really worry about her getting enough liquids when we tried ice pops. They were really cold and soothing on her throat and she was getting much-needed fluids without it hurting.”


Michele Rowley, 39, from Norfolk, mum to Morgan, 7, and Maddison, 22 months

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