We have to be honest: when your child first goes to nursery or preschool, it can be as scary for you as it is for your child. Indeed, research by a number of children's magazines (published by our parent company, Immediate Media) reveals that we parents do feel anxious about our child’s time in childcare.


And our biggest fear of all is that our kids would be picked on by other children.

A new campaign has now been started to help parents (and nurseries) teach children that they should all 'be friends', and to try and deter bullying before it actually happens.

Hands Up! Lets Stop Bullying For All is aimed at getting children to celebrate their differences and at supporting parents, with initiatives that include some lovely small-person-friendly downloadables, to encourage their children to be nice to the children they are surrounded by.

Easier said than done when it comes to toddlers and pre-schoolers, we know – but the campaign is all about building friendships and we all know friends are important, even from a very early age.

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Parents feel that, because their child is different, they could be vulnerable

We're sure that you could give us a few more reasons why you are worried about your children but, research suggests, the most common reasons seem to be:

  • They are going to be the youngest in their class
  • Their speech isn’t as developed as other children their age
  • Their child is introverted and often in their own little world
  • Their first language isn’t English

Could it be happening to your child at nursery?

Nursery are taught to instill good behaviour in children and they will:

  • Give regular feedback on your child's behaviour
  • Give rewards to children for doing good things
  • Encourage parents to reinforce positive behaviour at home (hmm, not sure how many parents reinforce bad behaviour at home..!)

If you're not sure of what your child's childcare setting is doing in this area, don't be afraid to ask.

Hands Up! have also created a series of free downloadables featuring some of the stars of CBeebies including Mike The Knight, Swashbuckle magazine and In The Night Garden, amongst others. The downloadables feature games, stories and activities to encourage kindness in pre-schoolers.


More information can be found on the anti-bullying website Hands Up!