The basic potty

Easy to use, simple to clean, a basic, no frills, potty is cheap, easy to store and hygienic. Look for a sturdy potty that sits firmly on the floor to help increase your child’s confidence. If you’ve got a boy, a splashguard (a high front) is a good idea to save you from little puddles on the floor, like this one from Tippitoes.


The portable potty

When your toddler needs to go, he’ll need to go right now - and usually it's when you’re out and about. So be prepared with a handy portable potty. While some comprise a basic plastic frame with disposable insert to soak up liquids, My Carry Potty, is an ingenious potty that is 100% leak proof. It also looks like a little suitcase that your toddler will love to carry, but opens into a potty, and provides a watertight container when you’ve nowhere to dispose of the contents.


Removable bowl

Many potties now come with a removable bowl. This allows the potties to be sturdier and larger, and they’re often in the shape of a chair to make it more fun for your little one. The bowl also makes it easier to empty and clean. The Summer Infant Dino Friend potty features a splashguard, built-in side handles plus a carry handle.


Fun potty

Funky designs, novelty shapes, little thrones and even fanfares for ‘performing’ - potties now offer entertainment as well as a place to pee. The Fisher-Price Royal Step Stool Potty is throne-shaped, with a removable bowl for easy cleaning, a removable toilet seat and a step stool. Best bit is that a pee or a poo is accompanied by music and sound effects.


The 3-in-1

A 3-in-1 potty is multi-functional and a clever piece of bathroom kit. It has three different elements and takes your child from the potty to the toilet. It will feature a combination of a chunky potty, a removable toilet seat and a little stool for your child to stand on to reach the toilet and basin, such as the Lindam 3-in-1 potty.

More like this

The eco potty

If you want a potty that won’t add to the plastic pile, you may want an eco potty. The Beco Potty is made from bamboo and rice waste, and has a high back for support and a large splashguard. It’ll last for years but will bio-degrade as soon as it’s buried in the garden. Your child can even plant a few seeds in it and watch them grow.