Your guide to toddler classes

Keep your toddler active with a variety of classes, from rugby to ballet


Toddler classes can help build your child’s social skills and show him or her the fun of being a team player. They’re also great for keeping toddlers active and fit. We’ve found the best classes for your young child, no matter what abilities they may have.


Drama classes for toddlers

Toddlers can enrol in drama classes from 2 years though many structured drama classes will only take children from 4 years of age. A drama class can help your child develop social skills and improve his or her memory as they start learning lines. Classes are interactive, though your child can move at their own pace, choosing how much they want to get involved. Find out about toddler drama classes in your area.

Rugby involves lots of team play and listening skills

Rugby classes for toddlers

Toddler rugby helps children work within a team and develops their listening skills as they follow instructions. Pre-school rugby classes are non contact and continue up to 7 years of age. After this your child can start playing for a local club. Tag rugby, non contact, consists of running safely and confidently with the ball. Learn more about toddler rugby classes in your area.

Martial arts can help your child learn discipline

Pre-school martial arts

Martial arts classes are a great way for your child to learn discipline and avoid conflict. Most classes will only take children 4 years and older, though some may offer a pre-training course for younger children. Classes such as Judo, Karate and Tae Kwon Do may help develop your child’s social skills and self confidence. Have a look to see what types of martial arts classes are available locally.

Teach your child good life skills through ballet

Toddler ballet classes

Ballet classes offer toddlers great life skills as children learn manners, good behaviour and discipline. Classes for little ones will teach basic ballet techniques with a variety of different music. Lessons are great for social interaction as your child spends a lot of time with other toddlers of the same age. See if your local area offers toddler ballet classes.

Introduce your child to a fun packed football class

Toddler football classes

Football classes are fun packed, building your toddler’s team player skills and his or her stamina. Toddlers can start to enjoy football from 18 months and a good class will recognise that your child will develop at his or her own pace. Find out what toddler football classes are available in your area.

Watch your child become a master of movement

Gymnastic classes for toddlers

As your toddler progresses through the levels of gymnastics you’ll find he or she develops both physically and socially. A gymnastic class will challenge your child and help him or her master of movement as they work on circuits, tumbling or bar apparatus work. Check out toddler gymnastic classes in your local area.

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