Age suitability

Depending on the class content, your child can start to enjoy football classes from 18 months onwards. Classes are usually offered as a course on a termly basis.


Course providers such as Little Kickers and Socatots offer classes across different age ranges across the UK. You will also find many other courses available locally.

What your child will do

Classes will usually take place indoors in suitable halls or sports centres and will begin with a warm-up and some gentle exercises. There will be a programme in place that will aim to get your child to a certain standard by the end of the course so that they can progress onto the next stage and level.

Classes will be fun-packed and your toddler will use up lots of energy as he starts out by learning how to control his body and respond to actions and instructions. He will be kicking a stationary ball whilst learning how to stay upright and progress to making contact with a moving ball.

There will be encouragement to score goals and he may get involved in some free play. A good football class will recognise that all children develop at different rates and your child will be able to come on at a pace that is comfortable to him.

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How your child will benefit

Building stamina - Toddler football classes are great for your child as they help to develop physical fitness and stamina. As with other team-based sports, your child will learn how to become a good team player and learn how to share by passing the ball to teammates and other children during drills and group activities.

Problem solving - At a preschool age, you can expect your child to develop skills in problem solving and improved game play as they start to regularly play short matches. Classes will end with a cool down session.

How you will benefit

As your toddler gets older, he will become more independent and you can enjoy the action from the side of the pitch as he gets on with the action on field. Improved footwork will mean that progressive classes can focus on activities including more advanced game practice, dribbling skills and passing techniques and ball balancing.

If your child is starting to attend a class and is less than 2 years old, then they will need your help to do some of the tasks and footballing techniques. This can be a great bonding opportunity and allows you to spend fun, quality time with your child.


Likely Cost

Costs will vary depending on location, but an average class is priced around the medium price range (£6-£8 per session) depending on location. As well as the cost of the class itself, some class providers may charge additional fees for kit and club membership fees.