Unusual girls' baby names

Choosing a name for your baby girl can be tricky. Why not consider some of these unusual baby names for girls...

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  • 10 of the most unusual girls' baby names

    There are lots of beautiful girls' baby names but if you're looking for something a bit different for your little bundle of joy then find out what unusual names there are for girls and the meanings behind them...

  • Adira

    Adira is a beautiful and simple name of Hebrew origin meaning "strong". It's a beautiful and simple name, pronounced ah-DEER-ah.

  • Annora

    Annora is a girls' name of Latin origin that means "honor". "Honor" means "virtue", "hope" or "grace". A shortened version of Annora could be Nora. 

  • Birdie

    Birdie is a name of English origin and means "bright, famous, little bird". Birdie is a variation of Bertha (Old German), Bird (English) and Birdena (American). It's the kind of vintage name that is very of the moment like Millie, Josie and Hetty. 

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  • Finola

    Finola is a beautiful name of Irish origin and means "white or fair shoulders". It is a much simpler version of the Gaelic name Fionnghula. 

  • Jacinta

    Jacinta is the a Spanish name for the Greek flower name "hyacinth". It's a much softer version of the name Hyacinth. 

  • Iona

    Iona is a name of Greek origin that means "violet-coloured stone". It's a name that featured in Greek mythology as Iona was one of the 50 sea Nymphs. It's an interesting alternative to Isla.

  • Lilou

    Lilou comes from the French name Liliane meaning "lily, a flower". It's a short form of Liliane, Liliana or Liliano. It's pronouced lee-loo.

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  • Ondine

    Ondine originates from Latin and means "little wave". It can be linked to the nymph Undine who features in mythology. 

  • Tansy

    The name Tansy is of Greek origin and means "immortal". It has a beatiful ring to it and is similar to the name Pansy. There are several variations on the name like, Tansi, Tansie, Tanzey, Tanzi, Tanzie and  Tanzy. 

  • Sidra

    Sidra is a beautiful sounded name of Latin origin that means "like a star". Sidra is also the name of a gulf off the coast of Libya. 

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Last updated on 24 April 2012