Week 21 pregnancy symptoms

Find out what to expect for the 21st week of your pregnancy

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  • Your pregnant body

    Although you may be feeling tired in the evenings, now is not the time to develop a thirst for caffeine. The advice on drinking coffee during pregnancy has recently changed and it’s now thought best to limit your intake to 200mg per day – this is equivalent to around two mugs of coffee.

    Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it makes you go to the loo more frequently whereas pregnancy is a time when you want to keep hydrated. Caffeine also blocks the absorption of iron by the body, a nutrient essential for your growing baby.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week…

  • What should you be doing this week?

    Now you’re 21 weeks pregnant, you’re able to request your MAT B1 form from your midwife. This is your maternity certificate, which confirms your due date, and which you’ll need to give to your employer.

    As well as signing up for antenatal classes, you may want to go along to a breastfeeding class too, where you’ll be shown how to latch your baby on and given lots of helpful hints and tips. Contact the NCT for local breastfeeding classes.

    Another things to consider is trying to sleep on your left hand side, which is meant to help relieve pressure on your sensitive breasts and belly, as well as optimise blood flow and circulation. However don’t stress out if you prefer sleeping on your right, the most important thing at this stage is that you get the sleep and rest that you need.

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