You can tell whether your unborn baby is a boy or a girl by taking off your socks and looking at your feet. At least, that's what reflexologists say.


We know, from our MadeForMums Community that this reflexology gender test is popular – joining nub theory, skull theory, and many other gender-prediction theories involving everything from rings on bits of string to baking soda. But what exactly is it, how does it work – and how accurate is it?

What's the reflexology gender test in pregnancy?

It's a visual test, based on the 'map' of the foot used by practitioners of reflexology (an alternative therapy centred around applying pressure to specific areas of the body).

Using this map, each part of the foot represents an organ or body part, and the area for the uterus and ovaries is centred over the area from the base of the heel to the ankle bone.

"And, in our understanding," says practitioner Andrea Hurst, known as the Reflexology Guru, "the left side of the body is regarded as feminine and the right side as masculine. It can be useful to apply this thought process to help identify whether a woman is carrying a girl or boy in her pregnancy."

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oesn't seem immediately obvious, does it? So, we spoke to Andrea Hurst, who's been featured in Vogue and recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow.If your left foot looks 'fatter' in a particular place, just by the arch, you're having a girl; if the right foot looks fatter at that same place, you're having a boy.

How do you do the reflexology gender test?

You'll need to take your shoes and socks off and sit on the floor. Then you put the soles of your feet together.

Now, keeping your feet in this position, examine each food between the heel and the arch. One side will look fatter than the other; you can usually feel and see the difference.

The theory goes that:

  • If the left side is fatter, you're having a girl
  • If the right side is fatter, you're having a boy

Leanne, a pregnant member of our MadeForMums Community, shared a picture of her feet (below), positioned for the reflexology gender test. Looks to us like it's predicting a boy, don't you think?

feet positioned for reflexology gender test

How accurate is the reflexology gender test?

There is no scientific evidence that using reflexology can predict the sex of your baby. In fact, although many people find reflexology a soothing complementary therapy, there is very little evidence that the reflexology map of the feet is a reliable or valid way to diagnose or predict anything¹.

Reflexologist Andrea is confident that this test is super-accurate "to around 90%" but we're afraid to say it's probably about as accurate as a coin toss.

Pics: Getty; Leanne from the MadeForMums Community


1. A blinded investigation into the accuracy of reflexology charts. White et al. Complement Ther Med. 2000 Sep;8(3):166-72.


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